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  1. If we added quantum fluctuation to it, like I suggested in my old thread, would that have no effect? For arguments sake, let's say a 1 eV charged photon hit a QF particle (not the anti-matter one), what would happen?
  2. According to researchers, the universe has produced 4x1084* photons since the big bang, with a surprisingly dim effect. So my question is: What has happened to all that energy? I have previously suggested that photons could be involved in the cosmic acceleration, which was rejected. But we know that photons can act as propulsion in solar sails, so why can't they act in the expansion of the universe itself? * That's 4,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 photons!
  3. One big happy family! Therapy does wonders, doesn't it?
  4. You must be referring to my simulation thread. Yes I came off a bit too confident on that one. My bad.
  5. I appreciate your efforts. I truly do! Don't let a fool like me stop you. That goes for you too, swansont. And for what it's worth, I support GR all the way. But I am very curious about quantum gravity theories.
  6. I'm sorry to make you feel blamed. Like swansont mentioned, this is mostly between him and me. But I had to address it widely and open to be taken even remotely serious. I hope you can understand that. If I had only addressed him, it would have gotten neither of us nowhere.
  7. I agree with beecee. For my part I am still here because I am deeply in love with science, and because this place is the most tolerant forum of its kind. I announced my departure prematurely, mostly because I was used to even more tolerant forums of diverse kinds, and I regretted it and came back, because I realized that the scientific method cannot be bent to our wishes or ideas. I realized that I was wrong in my approach and needed to learn more. And learning more is partly why I made this thread. How can I learn more, if I'm shut down due to faulty details? Why not teach and correct me instead? Make a thread with partial errors educational! That's how I would approach misinformation.
  8. It is about the interference pattern, isn't it? And that no matter how slowly (time) the particles arrive, they form the same pattern (space). Time and space can't be separated. Or did I get it wrong (again)?
  9. I am absolutely delighted with The Orville. It presents itself as a Star Trek parody, but it isn't really. It's more like a "less serious" version, than a parody. I think they found the perfect balance between sci-fi, good stories and comedy. The latest episode symbolically addressed homophobia (by reversing it).
  10. I got that backwards. Science is a branch of philosophy. The relation between the two is nicely described here. I agree with you, Strange.
  11. I never said that "the wave" isn't science. Of course it is! Philosophy is science, just like physics is. It may not be as popular and respected as physics, but it's still a science branch.
  12. I did not mean him specifically. None. If the OP refuses to learn from his mistakes, you are right to shut him down. I meant it, when I said it, but I changed my mind. I actually expected people to confront me with that, but it didn't happen, until now. It is not an honorable thing to do, and I'm not proud of it, but I was too fast giving up back then. If we get to know each other better in the future, you will see that I am a man of my word, and that that was a rare exception.
  13. Deal! No whining, just improvement. I can deal with that. But I still think you are a bit too fast closing them sometimes
  14. I see your point, and I've been places where I was shut down instantly. But from a scale from -10 to +10 where 0 is perfect, we are maybe at a +2 here.
  15. Aren't the mods here a bit too eager and fast to close threads? I fully understand that many threads can be too fringe or exotic to be considered science, but that's not what I'm talking about! A genuine scientific thread might start with misconceptions and be on the border to the rules, but can still serve as educational to both the OP and the readers, while the errors in it are corrected by the peers on this site. But they never get the chance! I used to be filled with curiosity, ideas and theories, but after having several threads here closed for petty reasons, I have come to a stale. It sucks. I miss the old avid me. The me that had ideas all the time. Not always good ones, but always ones worth a debate. And I learned from my mistakes. Until I came here. Now I am just mistaken. Case closed. I realise a place like this needs rules. I just wonder if some mods here aren't interpreting them too rigid?
  16. It seems a lot of it can be done online, but not all of it:
  17. Since this is posted in the philosophical section, I though I might add my philosophical POV to it. To me infinity is the void where the big bang happened. The void beyond the boundaries of our universe. I imagine it as just one endless nothing. And our universe is just one tiny exception to that.
  18. I have no knowledge of particle behavior at different states of energy, except that in stars (very hot) they float around in chaos, outside stars (medium) they form atoms and molecules, and in a singularity they are compact. Dark energy and matter has always puzzled me however. And a while ago I got the idea that photons could play a role in dark energy. My initial though was, that the repulsive force photons contain, could somehow push the universe to accelerate, but lately I've gotten a new idea. The new idea is that photons can create new matter when they hit quantum fluctuating particles. Thus adding volume to the fabric of space and accelerating its expansion. Even if those quantum fluctuated particles decay and don't add volume, they could add energy. Maybe enough to make the universe accelerate in its expansion.
  19. What about the Icke'ers (Alien reptilian world dominators) ?
  20. I prefer to learn from discussions. Or rather, learn more. If we all only shared our opinion about things we know for certain, a place like this would be very silent.
  21. Most flat earthers gain their evidence from charlatans on youtube. Those videos mix facts with disinformation in the same way that countless conspiracy theories (like 9/11) are presented. Most enlightened people don't need (more) proof that the earth is a sphere, but here's a few for the resident FE's: 1: According to FE, Siberia (RU) and Alaska (US) are the furthest apart, but for satelites and people on the ground, they are neighbors. 2: A radio tower can successfully broadcast 60 miles away, so any plane crossing the oceans should lose contact after that. Due to satelites they do not. 3: Traces from the Apollo missions to the moon are visible with good telescopes. 4: When you stand on the beach, and a ship disappears under the horizon, you can climb a high cliff and be able to see it again. 5: If you drive 1000 miles straight forward, turn right 90 degr. and drive 1000 more, repeat once more, and you end where you started. Although you drove a route that seems square and incomplete. 6: Even the old Greeks figured out more than 2500 years ago, that the spherical shadow on the crescent (moon) is earth itself. 7. If you call Australia from England at 15.00 (3 pm), they might get grumpy because you wake them up in the middle of the night. And many many more...
  22. Welcome to science IMO Sapiens is the race - Homo is the species.
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