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  1. It started with the steam engine (appr. 1800), and ended with coal and gasoline (today). Profit decides what happens next, even if it kills us all.
  2. Okay, here's the question that I just need to ask, even though I know the answer will be a hard "no"! If the Earth and Moon can hold on to such a large cloud of hydrogen atoms, couldn't a galaxy do the same? And (here comes the criminal part) could it account for dark matter?
  3. This is the most surprising news I've heard in years! Old data from the SoHo spacecraft show that Earth's exosphere reaches far longer into space than anyone had ever imagined: 391,000 miles! That's way beyond the Moon! https://www.sciencealert.com/earth-s-atmosphere-is-so-big-that-it-actually-engulfs-the-moon I don't know if this is "Wow!" or "WTF?!" news, but it's up there.
  4. Consciousness as the factor in the measurement effect is one interpretation. But most physicists don't subscribe to that. I myself am also fascinated with the collapse of the "wave function", and looking for proof of what exactly causes it. One clue could be the simulation "hypothesis", where matter only takes shape when needed. But that is unfalsifiable, and thereby bad science. Another clue could be the many worlds interpretation. But that is equally unfalsifiable. We just don't know why.
  5. Understood, appreciated and accepted 100%. My error was that I thought no one had ever thought of photon/QF interaction before. That was presumptuously stupid of me. But besides that, my approach is to ask and learn.
  6. Honesty, deep space travel sounds like a fools errand. Maybe in a thousand years, when we got tech we can barely fathom now.
  7. If having ideas that you want its legitimacy answered by asking questions, then yes, I am making stuff up! Happy now? If conjecture is all you can think of, when questions come alongside examples? Then... Jesus!
  8. That is your interpretation of my approach, but I assure you, it is not so. My questions have been answered now.
  9. Evading would be preferable either way. Who'd like their life to depend on a hull?
  10. A mission starting now would depend of our technological ability to evade any object in our path. Shielding tech is still Star Trek stuff. That being said, we still have no cryo tech to keep our crew alive for 1 light year, which would take approx. 200.000 years to complete with current max speed. 50 LY would take a million years. Give or take.
  11. Thank you for your explanations! I know it must be somewhat of an annoyance for you to read proposals from fools like me, and then have to explain the science. I imagine it happens quite frequently. I never meant to be annoying. I just thought I had a unique idea. An that must also be annoying for you. That we think, you didn't already consider that! Once again, thank you for taking the time to enlighten me!
  12. That's exactly what I'm trying to do. I realize that I'm quite ignorant in your eyes, and I'm okay with that. It's more or less true, compared to you. But I have to tell you about my chain of thoughts, to explain why I would ask such questions that I do. Like why I think photons could contribute to expansion. You can then reject it or correct it, if you are generous enough to spend your time and effort on it. That would make me grateful.
  13. I forgot to clarify why I use that name. I use it because I am fascinated by QM, and because I think the name sounds cool. Plain and simple.
  14. That is quite a pessimistic assessment. I currently have no mathematical knowledge about physics, but I understand many principles and mechanics of it. I would call my knowledge optimistically incomplete, or poor at worst.
  15. I thought you meant that each photon was ~1 eV. Volt is a charge, but it sounded strange to me too That is very exciting reading! I have a graphic/visionary approach to physics. I see 3D films in my mind, how molecules, atoms and particles behave and interact under different circumstances. I know that most (if not all) physicists use math, and I would love to learn to do that as well. Put some writing to the images. I consider that my biggest challenge. If I state, that you can see stars, no matter where you are in the universe, would that be wrong? And if that is correct, then most (if not all) QF's would be hit by photons, or what? We would then only need some of them to result in promotion, to turn the phenomenon into a heavy contributor to new matter. New matter that would add volume to space, and push its boundaries. I know this a far fetched, and full of "if's", and I do not claim that it is real or even possible, but it is how I envision it.
  16. Before you cry "FRAUD!", you need to consider motive. Who gains from the world abandoning fossil fuel? The richest most powerful people? Hell no! They lose the most! So who gains from this "fraud"?
  17. I had a similar question that I googled, and got this: https://www.quora.com/Which-particles-emits-photons I know it's not the same, but it gives a picture of matter <-> photon interaction.
  18. A thing that has made me wonder is, how a photon can go from zero to C in an instant? That is partly why I made this thread. It seems like a lot of power! I realise that photons are radiation, and as such does not require locality like matter would. Is that the answer?
  19. I recently stumbled over an article about weird physics facts, made for laymen by a cosmologist: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/6546462/The-10-weirdest-physics-facts-from-relativity-to-quantum-physics.html Not being an expert of any field in science myself, I was surprised to find three errors in it. So if I can find three errors, I wonder how many there really are?! How many errors can you find? The errors I found was:
  20. All right then. Thank you all for answering my questions.
  21. No, I ask questions. I thought I was allowed to do that. I want to learn more about particle physics.
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