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  1. Gives rise to some questions: 1) Does QE occur in nature? And if it does... 2) Would said channels not require an extra dimension?
  2. No. Never been much of a talker. I observe and listen mostly. But online I ask questions and give my two cents.
  3. Interesting theory! But how can single particles create gravity wells that deep? A few inches sounds reasonable, but thousands or millions of miles, not so much.
  4. We are wired to fight to survive. To be aware of predators, conflicts and hidden dangers. That death lures around the corner. If you take all that away, and give a person a secure, comfortable life, the brain is missing something. The danger. So it seeks it. It's basic psychology.
  5. Thank you! I finally understand the difference between EM and ES, and why EM does not apply to atoms and molecules. Thank you!
  6. It matters to rational people. The rest give their kids a Darwin Award.
  7. Got it! Thank you. To make an analogy: It seems like I'm asking "Is this Shakespeare?" And you are replying: "It's Hamlet!" Am I right? Edit: Or is there more than "Shakespeare" (EM) involved? Like the weak force? Edit #2: I am aware that metal and non-metal make ion bonds, called salts. I should have called this thread Molecule Bonds instead, sorry.
  8. Since I hit puberty, I had only one goal. Get the hell away from those fucked up adults. Went to boarding school when I was 14. After that I bounced around living several places until I got my own room in a basement at 17. Got my first real apartment the year after, which was 1992.
  9. Any imagined deity reflects the moral standards of its authors.
  10. I asked almost the exact same question not so long ago. You need to get the lay of the land. Learn how the rules of conduct is on this site. Where and how to present your case. If you are smart, you will learn soon enough. But they way you are behaving currently, making threads about this and that constantly, you are obviously seeking confrontation and boundaries. Keep it up, and you will get banned for spamming (or whatever they call it here). I consider myself a bit of a rebel and a troublemaker, but even I can see that you are pushing it too far.
  11. I made this thread as a split, due to the following reply from swansont: I was wondering the exact same thing. But is it EM or not EM?
  12. If it has to be fancy.... https://www.thoughtco.com/what-glows-under-a-black-light-607615 If less can do it, go old school and just use cardboard with the printed/written side turned down.
  13. Basically I just want to know, what exact force it is, that holds molecules together? I've read a fair share of articles about it, and learned about electrostatics and Coulomb's Force. (Electrostatics is a part of wikipedia's series on electromagnetism.) But none of the molecule articles anywhere mentions electromagnetism! So, is it (basically) electromagnetism that does the job? Or is electrostatics not equal to electromagnetism?
  14. The BH does not stop time. It just slows it down a lot. If we imagine that reality is a video with 1,000,000 frames per second, the BH puts the video in slow motion to (e.g.) 1 frame per second, seen from a distance! A person being at the BH would not experience any difference.
  15. May His noodliness, the FSM, bless you and make you calm, with his soft ivory tentacles. If you've eaten pineapple on pizza lately, you might want to consider praying for forgiveness. Just in case.
  16. The gates of heaven are in in the imaginations of the gullible.
  17. As Einstein put it: ...nature is not independent of human thought. Measurement/observation matters. I know only one place that shares that rather odd property. The memory of a computer.
  18. Have you tested to see if it's magnetic? If it is, it's probably just iron.
  19. Only when my team wins a game. Then I troll the other team's fans.
  20. I have a troubled family, that takes all my energy. The little energy I have left I spend on learning more science. I used to have friends, but they failed to offer a plus in my balance, so I finally decided they weren't worth it. Been without friends for 4 years now, and I don't miss the extra demands for attention. I'm fine actually.
  21. Yes, if you enjoy it! It might cost you 20 years in the end, but that beats a long, frustrating, uphill life trying - and failing - to please your peers.
  22. How much can a human brain be "washed"? Does it depend on age, or is it just a matter of method and patience by the perpetrator(s)? Can our mind be hacked, like in The Manchurian Candidate?
  23. You must mean, when did the programmer upgrade our brains to create civilisation? Around 10,000 BC, roughly estimated. Based on archaeological findings.
  24. I was recently in a discussion on another forum about the force that holds molecules together. The covalent bond. My opponent and I disagreed if the covalent bond was electromagnetism or not. We settled on electrostatics. It's in the EM spectrum (like light), but not exactly electromagnetism. Physics is a hair-splitting game. The tiniest details are extremely important. So if you want to join, prepare for a rocky ride!
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