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  1. If you just want to surf the internet and play games, stick with Windows.
  2. I do think that Windows is good for gaming and that's about it. Anything you can do on Windows, within reason, you can do on Linux. But, there are some things that do require Windows for me. Bryce 5 is one of them. I have yet to find a 3-D renderer like that. Blender is awesome, but it's not the same. In fact, just FYI, I think the default XP theme looks like it was built by teh teletubbies.
  3. They have brought dogs back from the dead. It's a link on the homepage, lemme get it for you. They say they should be able to perform the operation on humans in about a year or so. EDIT: http://www.news.com.au/story/0,10117,15739502-13762,00.html <--linky
  4. No one will get mad. As long as you are open-minded enough to consider that Windows is not the end-all-be-all of OS's, then you will be fine.
  5. In Ubuntu, you have Synaptic or just sudo apt-get upgrade. Plus, apt-get upgrade is 20x faster than Windows Update because Windows Update is more front-end programming than it is anything else. Also, up until about a year ago, I was running an old 386 with a 4 gig hard drive. Windows 95 would never run on it properly. I was forced to install Linux and then fell in love with it. I didn't have the money (nor did my parents) to buy a computer, so I put that piece of crap together from parts I found mostly on teh side of the road. Ubuntu worked almost perfect on it. There were some dependency issues, but nothing that I couldn't go without. I would also like to bring up that Microsoft forces you to buy their product again after a new version is put out? That's bull crap. You are wasting money when you could just as easily do apt-get dist-upgrade and get the latest distro of your OS (if you are running a Debian based distro). All *nix distros have commands like that, along with apt-get upgrade.
  6. Ok, I have looked around and can't really find a good, easy way to do this. I have about 100 or so files on my web server that I would like to link to, and rather then going in and putting <a href="/fictionall/file1.txt">File1.txt</a> <a href="/fictionall/file2.txt">File2.txt</a> <a href="/fictionall/file3.txt">File3.txt</a> Is there a PHP script that can read the files in a given directory and put the <a href=""></a> stuff in with regex?
  7. VB should work just fine for what you want I am sure.
  8. Well, it sounds like you have yoursel a new pet...
  9. Apparently, I take unusually hot showers. I feel fine in them, but my family has felt how hot my showers are and pull their hand back very quickly as if they just touched a hotpan. Is this healthy for me? I feel fine in the shower and I have taken showers like this for as long as I can remember. I haven't done an actual temp reading on how hot it is, but I would put it 120, maybe 130 degrees fahrenheit. I take them about 15-20 minutes at a time twice a day. Is it healthy to take them that hot? Or should I cool down the shower?
  10. lol, If I was University level or higher, I would apply, but sadly I am a junior... Though if you need any help with any coding, feel free to PM me. :-D
  11. It doesn't have all those wallpapers because the developers didn't pack FreeBSD with stuff you don't need. It probably does have many screen savers. Just because it isn't out in front of you doesn't mean it isn't there.
  12. http://www.winmpg.com/mov-converter.html
  13. They did that to inflict terror, therefore they are terrorists.
  14. radiohead

    Pi Code

    No, I was taught that the circumfrence divided by the diameter will always give you pi.
  15. radiohead

    Pi Code

    Well, considering that the only reason that works out is because ancient mathmaticians made the circle 360 degrees, I am sure it is just a coincidence.
  16. I was 5' 9" when I was 14. I am 16 now, 6' 2", and where size 12 shoes. I have to shave every day or so. In fact, I really need shave right now. I am kinda scruffy. *shaves* EDIT: I noticed some of yall were talking about nutrients and stuff. I eat very healthily for an american. I drink milk by the gallon, I stay away from candy mostly because I don't like sweets. I love greens, bread, meats, etc... My mom is addicted to Dr. Pepper (literally). She says she only drank one can a day though when she was pregnant with me. I don't drink alot of sodas, though I think that is because my mom is lying to me about how much DP she drank when I was in her...
  17. Don't use any of those, they are just like those penis enlargement scams. I am 16 and I am 6' 2" and all the doctors I have talked to say I will keep growing till I am about 20. I am assuming you are male. You are 15, and using that stuff when you are 15 is THE MOST DANGEROUS THING YOU CAN DO. You are at teh point in your life where you will be having growth spurts like crazy. It's very dangerous for you to use that stuff. You will continue to grow naturally until you are 20, maybe even 25. Why are you so concerned about being tall at 15? I am thinking will will about 6 feet by the time you are 18.
  18. herme3, being an active programmer, I can tell you these things from a programmers point of view. 1.The Win32 API is dirty and slow compared to Linux. 2.Bill Gates bought the Windows opeating system from some guy. He knows shit about programming and the only reason Microsoft is has taken off the way it has is because Bill Gates knows how to play his cards right and he knows how to hide cards up his sleeves too. His business practices are wrong. He basically forces Microsoft out into teh market. I had to pay 30 dollars more to get Windows taken off of a newly bought computer because I didn't want it. Microsoft is a monoply. When you buy a new computer that's 400 dollars, you are also buying Windows. Now, if it was an option to not have it come with Windows, the computer would only be about 250 dollars. But when I bought my comp, it was 430 dollars because I didn't want Windows on it. 3.IE is a very crappy browser. It doesn't comply to standards and I have found at least three of my own exploits in it too execute malicious code. In Firefox, Opera, and Netscape, I have found NONE. 4.I run Linux. I play Halo, Civ 3, and Sims on it with WINE and emulators such as Cedega and Point2Play. In fact, I can execute anything programmed in .NET on Linux like I can in Windows with a little tool called mono. You don't seem to get that easier is not always better and just because it costs more, it isn't better. In fact, if you don't believe what these guys are saying, I hope you get a rude awakening after reading this. http://www.securityfocus.com/columnists/340
  19. Well, this is what my friend said about the bread... (23:52:11) x0xSQLiSSeXyx0x: why not feed the pigeon bread? (23:52:22) Annie: because they dont eat bread (23:52:29) x0xSQLiSSeXyx0x: ok (23:52:40) Annie: &they dont like fruit too much either (23:52:45) Annie: just stick to seed&whatnot (23:52:49) x0xSQLiSSeXyx0x: ok
  20. My friend just got off work and she asks a couple of questions... (23:16:12) Annie: what color? (23:16:00) Annie: but how big? (23:16:04) Annie: i mean like in inches and whatnot and she says (23:18:52) Annie: dont feed it bread and a little more (23:19:47) Annie: umm, it depends on how big it is (23:19:56) Annie: if cottage cheese is working, then keep feeding it that (23:20:04) Annie: &as it grows add seed little by little
  21. An ice chest? You can buy it at any Wal-Mart, Target, etc... I don't think I get the question though...
  22. I have a friend who raises pigeons, I will ask her.
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