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  1. In a random conversation in a highschool physics class, we got around to some conversation about quarks. I heard that if an electron (though now I'm not entirly sure it was an an electron he said, but I am going to go with it. Please correct me if when I'm wrong though, so as not to make the same mistakes again), was to hit a quark, knocking it away from the other quarks in its confinement, and it was to move far enough away from the othe quarks, another quark would be created from the energy produced. I have not been able to find the sources my fellow student found to make this point. All I have been able to find is a bit of confusing information from wikipedia that is too unorganized for me. It is a bit hard for me to find the information I am looking for since I can't remember the name of the bond between quarks, or anything else about the quark structure. Just looking for a comforation or argument against this idea, some links to some useful resources, and a few keywords I know I am missing.
  2. Outside by StainD looms over any song, though Chevelle is my favourite band. The Red, Closure, and One Lonely Visitor just plain out rock.
  3. strange, someone asks me a question when I haven't even been in the recent convo for quite a bit. But donb't worry, due to recent thoughts I have come up with thine answer. Well, to the suction anyways. All else is speculation. I said they were peices of 4th spatial dimensions, and that itse;f proves there would be suction due that adding three spatial dimensions to 2 spatial dimensions. Such as pulling down a part of a sheet, adding depth will cause anything moving on the sheet within the slope to accelerate down the slope. Now say we have a cubed sheet and add another direction of depth, a 4th spatial dimension. Wouldn't moving on the cube hit the slopee and slowly accelerate down? Now with black holes, say that point of 4th spatial dimension was just that, a point. The more it 'sucks' in, the heavier it would get, and 'deeper' it would go making its 'slope' on the sheet larger. I thank the guy who came up with the marble sheet gravity theory.
  4. yeah, I know what you ment, but an article popped up in the invision free help forums. And Fellowes, in the invision free help forums they have a page for skins.
  5. lol, rally? The default page for invision free got many reports that it was burning peoples eyes from the color.
  6. ay, but I started this for a reason. I don't remember what it was, but oh well. Fellowes, the skin now isn't the default, though it did have a blinding default. I ain't paying jack for it, and I made all the forums on the board itself. I have a partner admin, but I have full control while he does not. I did not create the skin, but I know how. I got this skin from a different forum, and I have given it credit on the footer.
  7. well I already got my forum site going...it looks awesome now I've updated it...I'm starting to get more members...
  8. water was just an example...it was the first spherical thing in space my friend could tihnk of. So only the larange point would stay as it was? All else woud be speghettified? That would be awesome to see.
  9. hey, I know this is old, but guess what? I finally got my forums site up and running. It mostly a video game/art/music site, but oh well. Its all free, hosted by invisionfree. the url is http://s4.invisionfree.com/the_Archives_of_Adun/index.php . Give me time and I'll find anything for free.
  10. ummm, okay. As much I really wish I didn't read everything, were are the facts that back up either rbp6's response or Skoteinos reply? Has tests been taken? Can tests be taken? Or can I learn enough and state my original assumptions are fact?
  11. In a late night conversation with a friend of mine, he brought up that some science show said that in some galaxy there are two black holes moving towads each other and asked me what I thought would happen if they collided. Well, somehow the conversation changed into being what would happen if two black holes passed each other perfectly and caught in each others event horizon perfectly so they spun around each other. Would they be stable enough to hold like that, and what would happen? Secondly, assuming they would be stable, I brought up the idea, what if a perfect sphere was placed at the perfect center of the two perfectly spinning blackholes, what would happen to the perfect sphere? Let's say the sphere was made out of water. Together using our limited knowledge of sciences, we assumed the force of the gravitational pull from the blackholes would cause the object to stay in the center and not move due to the fact it should have an equal amount of forcecomging from each side at any given time. And the movement of the black holes probably spinning at speed greater than light would ause the sphere to spin, accelerating until it reaches the speed of the blackholes. And the centerifical force from the sphere of water would cause it to grow and become slightly disk shape, while the force of the event horizons would cause it still to remain stable. But when it hit the speed of light, assuming the black holes are spinging around each other at speed greater than the speed of light, what would happen to the water? We thought it might turn into some kind of pure energy. Is there a theory to what would happen? And can you guys here at sciforums tear down our theorys? I know you guys can. But has any of this been thought of before?
  12. 1-6 policeman 7-9 computer graphics engineer 10-14 copmuter programmer 15+ supreme ruler of the entire human race
  13. that explains why all mine were deleted. I posted some really long, well educated responses, [believe it or not], yesturday that are now gone. It sucks, for the lack of a more adequite pun involving the loss of something and how it is not witihn my interest bubble.
  14. well, I have no clue the decimal. Though I did find my age in minutes once. Its just two months till I turn 16m and I didn't want to say 16 cause there be too many here. dundundundun
  15. dundundundun. I be 15.8/m/USA and there are people out there over 30 years old? whoa
  16. http://emu-russia.km.ru heres the url for the best rom site ever!!! it has a english translator if you don't speak russian
  17. hey, if the copyrights expired its legal. The copyrights only last ten years, so all the old stuff is free game. [lol, pun] Anyway, I found this amazing site for them. Look up emu russia.
  18. Hi, my name is a compilation of letters and numbers that spell out KHinfcube22. I like lasagna, and Ive been addicted for ten years v_v
  19. A: NPR Q: who is the most wonderful person in the world, besides Joeseph Stalin?
  20. A: 1966 pontiac GTO, red, 360 horsepower. Q: favorite anime character?
  21. July! the only month I can legally blow crap up!
  22. A:greatly so, it seems. Q: what is the your favorite website?
  23. well, not yet. I'm making it right now for the net. I just got a domain, and I'm needing articles to make it. I have three from some friends, and I'm writting one myself.
  24. Hey, I run a little zine called the F.I.R.E. that has spread a wee bit. Unfortunatly one can't trust my friends to get anything done in time. My latest issue has been waiting three weeks for articles and I've only have two so far. I was wondering if any of you would like to put an article in it. Anything political, anti-political, or even just advertising or reviewing something. The name stands for Free Information Resource Everlasting. [blame me for that] I can e-mail anyone an issue of it if they want, just ask. Please, I need articles. I'll accept almost anything!
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