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  1. I would open worm holes to the past bringing Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler, Jean-Jacques Rouseau, Socrates and Edgar Allen Poe into my house, and give them all the knowledge of each others language. Then I would us the rest of my time talking to them.
  2. and I thought I had it low with neg 23. You must be either really annoying to people, [thouht not at all to I] or you stick out a lot so people vote on yours more than mine. But hey, if it is the second, then you should have a high chance of raising it quickly.
  3. hey, I just checked my reputation points. It is saddening! Negative 23! You know how hard this is gonna be to bring them up. I shall dedicate the rest of my time to raising them!
  4. I KNOW!!! I have it and I can't beat the final boss. Not like I have tried hard, I play Earthbound more, but it was a great game.
  5. Yes, very much so it did. That was the hard work. Trying to figure out which one I liked best. The whole storyline behind FFVII was amazing, and was the first FF game I ever played.
  6. I have recently downloaded a whole bunch of ROMs from some really god sites. A lot made by Square Soft and a relatively old. Through much hard work, I've come to find that I personally think the original Star Ocean for SNES is the best ever. Seeing as not only are it's graphics better than any game created in its time, the storyline itself is just plain amazing.
  7. this new thing really doesn't flow for me.
  8. ya well, I was stupid when typed all this crap in. Stupid, arogant, and unedimakated. Now I am trained in such things. I learned alot from winhack, emulators, and just plain dos about this crap. that and Half-Life. But hey, I'm suprised to still see this here. But I still am the all time master of video games, with a total of playing a game 53 hours straight. MGS2- Substance VR.
  9. the little pink monkeys that live in my closet did it. Sorry, they got a hold of my computer!
  10. Shadowrun, which is an RPG, is the best game ever created...the Genesis version of course...I don't like the SNES version muc...
  11. YT is right though. The interenet is nothing but a network of everyones computers and some servers. Without us, there is nothing. It is our right to use it for free. Putting a tax on e-mailling would be like taxing us to talk to someone face to face.
  12. I' not gonna pay jak for my e-mails. I may not be a spammer, but I do send chainmails all the times to my friends. The government is taxing too much as it is. This all could have been avoided if we never elected Bush as president. Hopefully we won't make that same mistake again. Any ways, all us hardcore internet junkies could find some bug we could exploit to give us free e-mail anyways. The blue box for the net.
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