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  1. by the way, just to not, NEVER USE CONTINUOS ELIPSES!!! people tend to get mad at you. Oh well-
  2. RFK Assassination [in my debate class i'm taking, I'm doing an expository speech on the rfk assassintaion~]
  3. AugShadow822 for AIM. yahoo I don't use. msn I use also, but other than that I'm out
  4. whoa. I need to post more. I'm kinda lacking. And I joined nearly a year ago. Oh well. I'll see ya all at the top!~
  5. Batman or Keith for short.-
  6. ya. forensic science. historical science. political science even. it really belongs in this forum.
  7. Ok---I din't really know much about the assassination of Robert F Kennedy, brother of JFK---But in my debate class, [which has only six people in it] I have to write an expository speach---it had to be on something we were interested in, but didn't know too much on---so guess what I picked?---Oh well---I just need weird, or strange, or hard to find facts on it---And don't say use google, because I will---but I need hard to find stuff---thank you for helping if you do---
  8. lets see---infinte I'd say---seeing how a sphere is composed of an inf. amount of inf. small corners---but that just might be perception---hmmmm---I could see how its none---but that would mean also mean a cone has one side---how many sides does a cone have anyways?---Oh well---
  9. I was wondering the other day, which president was the most pollitically incorrect?---I did a survey in my E/P science class, and came out with people saying bush, 8 clintion, 1 washington, and 1 JFK---I was wondering what you thought---I'm all washington---Oh well---
  10. hey I was arguing over what was the best graphics card out today I heard from an uncle of mine who has a twenty thousand dollar pc and such that there is a card out that costs over $2000 it is very hard to find, and not sold in stores you need connections to find it anyone of you ever heard of it? I was thinking of getting it if I could oh well
  11. ummmm…that is funny!!!…hahahahahhaha…somewhat nowheres as near as funny as blikes though…oh well…
  12. hmmmm yes it is strange but how does on describe them? there must be some one oh well I learn in time
  13. I feel so stupid I had the chance to watch it but I didn't take it because I was waiting for a phone call from my bestfriends g/f oh well I SHOULD OF GONE! it sounds so good when is it coming out on vhs?
  14. HEY!!! all my puntuation was deleted!!! thats annoying who did this to me? oh well
  15. I lost all the posts I made on sunday it sucked I had to make them back up and one was in the fafalone thread somethng about 1:40 am
  16. but all the '...' is my trade mark...talk to me in some IM thing...I o it there too...and check out forums.ffextreme.com...I do it there too...I JUST HAVE TO...oh well...you don't get it...
  17. I can also tap energy...want me to answer some questions?...'k then...just sit and watch...I'll do it...as so will they...whatever...
  18. theoretically...anything can happen...lets see...it'll all happen soon enough...they will come...you shall see...I have a feeling...they won't be able to had them for much longer...sit and watch...it'll be fun...oh well...we'll see...
  19. ummmm...how old are you?...you don't seem to know much of the basics...can't say I'm much different...but please!...some of your questions are like, duh...oh well...now I see what faf had to go through when I first joined...
  20. and thus, I am still not a moderator...Why?...I WISH TO BE!!!...I'm just as messed up as the rest...Oh well...I hate typos...I hope faf doesn't get to this...we had a big argument things a bit back, and I had a lot of typos...damn...oh well...
  21. I love this site...(not in a apollo/fafalone kinda way though)...it makes me feel so nice about my self......Oh well... if the two 'F's in FAFALONE are hexidecimal, then 15A15ALONE, then turn them into roman numerals, VIAVIALONE, then remove the 'A's...VIVILONE...VIVI is from FF9...so FF9LONE...lonemeaning one...1FF9...or DiskOneFF9...wow...thats a bit compicated...
  22. the end shall be when it is...and everyon shall see me standing there laughing at them...well...sorta...ok...not really...oh well...the end of the world won't matter because we shall forsee it and thus be able to escape the planet by then...our main clue will be when a new AOL comes out and doesn't suck...so we have a while...
  23. where the hell did this go?...I thought this was a Fafalone bash thread...Oh well...be careful though...Fafalone's almighty power mayeth strike thee down where thee stands...or at least he might accidently run you over thinking you are a paved road...
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