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  1. not neccessarily. One could randomly grab a bunch of coils, an imported speaker,and you will have a telephone.
  2. Well I don't live in the UK, so boohoo. But i see what you mean. I have the pleasure, and the pain, of living in the US. If you take a look at our past history, you will notice that in 1916, prohibition was made an ammendment. Not long after, the crime rates sky rocketed. Then in 1935 when prohibition,(ilegal to have alcoholic drink) was abolished, and beer smuggling stoped, everyone was happy.
  3. I heard once that if one travels at the speed C, the will expand and "become" the universe, in a manner of speaking. Is this true?
  4. Tue enough, well at least not a series of working comp. anyway. But comp. aren't everything. One could have an electrical current, advanced communication divices, and even modes of transportation without counting an amount. The only problem is that everything would be even more inadequite.
  5. I get your point, but perception is a major factor in how time works. when I say time goes faster, I do mean one percepts it faster, and since all is in the "eye of the beholder" the time for one goes faster when one "thinks" faster. Lets say one was to "percept" time moving backwards, (which is actualy improbable, but possible) one would travel backwards in time. Time is not a constant, its a varible that is diffrent with each person. (when I talk of time, I mean the mental time which one conciously lives in. not the physical stand point in which all follow.) Fafalone's idea of never being able to be sucked into a black hole only further proves it. But if one wants my calculations for this theory, you'll have to wait until I gather it into one essay. That will take a while.
  6. hah hah, but realy, what is DMT? Can someone give me a list of all abbreviations on the net? And as for the subconcious thing, it mighht now the answer, but there is a reason for calling it the subconcious.
  7. I think numbers are not a constant, but are rather a function, created by the goverment to control people's minds. Numbers only have meaning because people give them meaning. One could run a successful civilization without numbers, but could not the control half what was goin on. Take china for instance. They used "numbers" to limit the birth of child growth. and f you check history correctly, you would notice this kind of Manipulation by the goverment all over the place.
  8. Whats the Pauli Exclusion? I haven't really studied into this stuff yet. I just came up with it while waching Cube2:Hypercube.
  9. I think a black hole isn't neccesarily a hole at all. It is just a point in space that goes into the fourth dimesion, assuming time isn't, or excluding it as the fourth dimension. By the way, what would happen if one was to find out how to pull apart ones molecules and put them back together again with one being still alive. Then one shot ones chaotic form of molecules at a black hole?
  10. thefirst known step in makind! thats amazing:bs: Actually, It is kinda nice where we've been, but it really isn't that important unless one is writing a book on all of human life. If that is your goal, than I salute you, but if isn't, why does it matter?
  11. a definition is merely an explantion by one who all trust. I define numbers as a measurment of the amount of units anyway. that has nothing to do with order.
  12. I'd like to say that even though some of my stuff are jokes, my stuff in physics and psycology is full on seriousness.
  13. this only further proves the existence of big foot. there has been many sightings of big foot, but no body produced. what you guys say could only mean that bigfoot is an aquatic being.
  14. I believe the mind consists of two parts of conciousness, the unconcious and the concious. There is a barrier between these two,which is hard to break. When one tries to break it, it only partially tears, and the man goes insane. But whatif the barrier was to disolve completley? Will some reply and tell me if anyone else that of this, or what they think will happen. I have my own ideas that are the coincide with some other writing I did somewhere else. I don't remember where...
  15. Numbers, why is everyone so stereotypical about thhem. They say 3 "always" comes after 2 and before 4. But why? Isn't it mean to assume that three is always there? I mean, girls got mad when guys were stereotypical about them, why should they be mean to numbers? Numbers have feelings too you know! ____________________________________________________ I did this as a joke, but please still reply as if I'm serious.
  16. did you know,if the gov. made drugs legal, it would be like talkin a sledge hammer to the backbone of crime. Drug smuggling is pretty far up on the list of most done bad stuff, (sorry I didn't know how to word it.) Even if we kept smuggling ilegal, there wouldn't be much to smuggle. The problem is, all good deeds have a consequence, every ones high.
  17. I don't know if thats an insult or a compliment, but I get your meaning.
  18. I don't know if this is classified as a psychological subject, but it is strange starange to think about. ____________________________________________________ I belive that time is controlled by the mind. That the faster ones mind is, (Idon't no really that much about the human mind, so I'll just say brainwaves.) the faster time goes. I actually did some research on the subject and can give conclusivve evidence. I won't post though until someone asks me, other wise it would be a waste of time.
  19. I'm reading the book EARTH by David Brin. Have any of you read it? Its story line is quite depressing. A black hole was shot into the earth by something and is eating up the earth. But I didn't reply to say that. I believe one watching something go towards a BH would see it excelerating until it hits a speed that gives off a frequency of light that are eyes can't see. And for the one traveling into the event horizon, time would slow down until it is inf. small, which it would still slow down but it is impossible to write anything smaller than inf. small. For the free faller, they would never reach the EH, but the looker would see them reach it. ____________________________________________________ I also belive time is not a constant, but a varible and is diffrent depending on ones mind.
  20. hey, this page is offencive. I'm not that much older than thirteen, goto a regular school, and if you rread my stuff, I understand far more than the next person! __________________________________________________ and if anyone wants to know, Kage means shadow in japanese
  21. I have know clue what your all taking about. but here is something to think about, what happens when one excedes the speed of light? One man said, can't remember rightnow, that when the speed C is reached, time stops, son someone else thinks that means, going past C means you will go back in time. I contridict that earlier belief. I believe the closer one gets to C, time slows, but it does not stop. If you take a number and divide it by another number, does it ever reach a neegative one, not unless you start off with a negative number. The only way to reach a time stop statis is to go the speed of 0.
  22. I agree that if one travels back in time, they would not "know" that they did. The problem is, do you know why? I have a theory, but I want to hear yours first,(or look for it on another thread).
  23. Ok, be warned. Little of what I talk about is about the big bang, but is actualy evidence to prove my theory, (or some others theory. I haven't really read much into the subject. If what I put in here was thought of by someone else, will someone give me a reference.) And also, just as an added note, I don't believe one can go back in time by surpassing light speed... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ O-Cube Theory Say one was in a 3-D world, excluding time as a dimesnsion, and one has a perfect 2-D square, (S1). Then say one has an exact duplicate of S1, (S2). Then, if one put S2 "on top" of S1, one would have a 2-D square that is twice as thick, (S3). Technically a 2-D object only has length and width, but no thickness. Therefore, S3 is the exact size as S1 and S2. S1 and S2 would still be both there, one could still easily tell them apart, but they would only take up the space of one square. Which means, any amount of 2-D squares were to overlap in this fashion, one would find out that one could an inf. amount of squares taking up the space of only one square, but still have an inf. amount of squares still there. This same thing can be done to lines, 1-D objects, in 2-d world. According to the above, which can easily be proven on any good artist computer program, then one should be just as easily to be able to "overlap" a 3-D cube in any 4-D space, assuming time isn't or excluding time as the 4th dimension. Therefore one could have an inf. amount of 3-D space inside an inf. small area, as long as the original point in which the 3-D space is in is in a 4-D area. My main question is, what is the fourth dimension, assuming time isn't, or excluding time as the 4th dimension. I know this may seem unreasonable, but it is perfectly logical. Think, would one of the 2-D actualy know of, or be able to concieve of, the third dimension? One in a 2-D world would never know of the 3-D because it would never look for somethings depth, and could never imagine a world of 3 dimensions. The only way a 2-D sentient being would ever know of thhe third dimension would be to create a body of itself in 3-D form, (or actualy have an already 3-D being create one for it.) Unfortunatley, the best way to understand something is personal expirence. You may notice, most my anologies are refering to the second and third dimensions. But every thing I mention can also be showed using the first and second dimensions. Now lets take a look at the big bang. It perfect explains everything abouve. All matter in the Universe piled into a small space the size of a molecule. Then the 4-D crashes, (or goes away somehow,) and you have the big bang. Now just staking even the smallest amount of space in a dimension that it is not part of, and taking away that dimension, would cause an explosion of extreme measure. Thats most likely why our Universe is so large. Also, an explosion with a magnitude of such caliber would cause rips and tears of space and time, (balck holes, worm holes...) Now black holes themselves are further proof of this theory. Gigatons of mass, all in an inf. small amount of space. Worm holes are also proof. Worm holes show us that space can be bent in a way not imagined by something of a 3-D world. The worm hole idea though can also be telling us that we are still in a 4th dimensional area. The big bang could actualy have been the 4-D space in a 5-D are that "went away." The movie Cube2: Hypercube is a perfect example. In the film, 8 people are in a cube that I believe is using the fourth dimension to keep all the space in a small area. There are specialized doors on all 6 walls in the cube-like rooms. For some reason, every time a door is opened, there is a diffrent room on the other side. Now, because all the cube-like rooms are theoreticaly "in the same place," it would be a pure random shot at which room would be there when you open the door. In the movie, the people also see future, and past,beings of themselves in the other rooms. Now I believe time is infact,not a dimension,but a co-existence to the spacial dimensions. It would perfectly explain what happens in the movie. If time is a co-existent, then when space is bent in a way it doesn't have, wouldn't time also bend? If you actualy think about, time may be a whole nother set of dimensions. There could be a set of spacial dimensions, and a set of time dimensions intertwined, and when a dimension is bent, so would its parallel if they were touching. Like when you take twined string, doesn't one bend when you bend the other? If one would like to contact me, either E-Mail me at Killerstarman2@yahoo.com, or if you want me to reply quicker, e-mail at AugShadow822@aol.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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