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  1. Honestly... funniest frickin thing I have ever seen!!! lol hahahaha :haha: :haha::haha: :haha::haha: :haha::haha: :haha::haha: :haha::haha: :haha::haha: :haha::haha: :haha::haha: :haha::haha: :haha::haha: :haha::haha: :haha::haha: :haha::haha: :haha::haha: :haha::haha: :haha:
  2. Yeah but without computers he couldn't transform unless he was thrown over a bar.. or thrown into a dumpster. lol The nerdy guy had to disappear so that Lou could bust through the wall.
  3. It's true that it would make straighforward quadratics easy... but if you remember the "Determinant", which is b^2 plus 4*a*c... where a,b,c are all three numbers of the quadratic. The determinant shows how many roots of the quadratic exist, and if you get a negative number, you know there are two imaginary root and none others... so that makes your job a lot easier because you can't solve the equation. If it weren't for imaginary numbers, you would not be able to determine this and would instead work tirelessly on the solution. OR when you used the Quadratic "formula" (the whole b squared plus or minus the square root of....) you will see the solutions.. and sometimes you get imaginary answers.
  4. Aw come on.. don't trash the Hulk until you see it. I thought Spider-man was going to be junk, but I was pleasantly surprised. I really liked the movie and I think Sam Raimi had a lot to do with it. I hope the director of Hulk is also good.. but I don't even know who it is. Anyone got answers to that? and maybe a filmography of the guy? But seriously.. I would rather have a pixelated Hulk computed on an Atari 400 than Lou Ferigno painted Green.
  5. It was actually pretty fun to take that test. Finished the last ten "stroop" in 12 seconds! yeah! Although it did require a great deal of thinking to get me to click the color of the word and not the meaning of the word.
  6. Hahaha I agreed!!!! And if it hadn't been for the shot of snatch at the VERY end.. I would've walked out of that movie angry.
  7. Nowadays, it's becoming a very reliable way to depict characters that would be impossible to show otherwise. How could they have made the war scene from "Lord of the Rings: Two towers" if they didn't use animation? They would have to coordinate tens of thousands of people. Same situation as in The Clone Wars (Star Wars). The war scene would be almost impossible because those machines just aren't REAL... they could not drive them or show them realistically. The cheasy 70's and 80's FX are over.. not computers make movies amazing. After all, I'm looking forward to "The Incredible Hulk" but not if the Hulk form was just a body builder with green paint. What.. Lou Ferigno's agent is calling? Then I wouldn't go see the movie.
  8. lol lol I wouldn't mind a nice BJ, but DEFINATELY not from a guy. :stupid:
  9. Ok but when I attempted to describe your consciousness, I say 'the feeling' only because we are describing our own consciousness from 'within' the system. Not that it is a feeling actually... but I think I described what you are trying to describe. It is the overall awareness we experience.. our ability to receive sensory stimulus and interpret this. We are not 'conscious' when we are dreaming... we cannot receive outside information and do not interpret this information. Now... of course to some degree we are receiving this information because noise will wake us, but it is definately a depressed form of consciousness. So if we can agree that this is the consciousness... then you must ask yourself.. can you absolutely prove that we are all experiencing a consciousness? If you can... then again, you must be able to answer the questions of "Where did it come from?" and "Why is it selective?" The obvious answer to all of this... is of course the most believable that consciousness is a collection of our cognitive abilities that evolved gradually, and all scientific data reinforces this idea. First, higher animals (more evolved) have a more intricate consciousness. Second, the size and complexity of the brain directly correlates with the intricacy of consciousness. Third, severe damage to the brain will permanently destroy the consciousness. Conclusion: The consciousness is in the brain and is the culmination of evolving cognitive abilities.
  10. Behold... the power of CHEESE!!!!! And yes... our Philosophy class had a lot of fun arguing this same point. Is it really that BAD if everyone lives 'fake' lives in the Matrix. And I concluded 'no'... only as long as the feelings are true stimulus.. and NOT a dream-like state.
  11. But if the consciousness is just being aware... then how can you prove anyone else experiences the same feeling? I mean, I usually am amazed by the individuality I possess... "why am I not that guy? Why am I me?" If you mean this awareness, then it is more a mater of Philosophy because you cannot prove with certainty that any other person experiences this consciousness. And if you just mean the general 'awakeness' of our living days... then I will again argue... some animals experience this too, and some do not. So when did it appear and why did it choose certain animals? You cannot escape the fact that consciousness is not unique to human beings. It had to have evolved gradually, as a combination of traits that eventually defined our ability to experience and interpret our surroundings. Even snails react to the environment, so they too must possess the general consciousness... if that's what you mean. But what about plants then? Too many problems....
  12. Imaginary numbers are important for all reasons mentioned.. AND to better understand the theory of mathematics. Believe it or not... there is a REAL problem when we cannot resolve a number because of the paradox it posses. My favorite (and most famous) imaginary number is the square root of -1, which is represented by a lower case i. what's interesting is that i can be manipulated mathmatically and make real numbers, but i is imaginary. And you find multiples of i to be non-real roots of many quadratic equations. So solving these requires knowledge of imaginary numbers.. and that means they are essential to elements of Calculus (applied to curves with imaginary solutions) and Algebra (the whole quadratic thing). Imaginary numbers will not help you in most professions, but then again.. there are a LOT of impractical things you are forced to learn.
  13. Ture, but the consciousness can be found if we define it. If we say it is the reasoning ability we possess... then many animals have consciousness and some may not. (cells, plants, etc...) So when did the consciousness just "appear" and why did it choose some animals and not others? Or could it be that it is defined by our emotions... same argument can be applied about the consciousness's appearance. But we do see a correlation between size and complexity of the brain, with increasing breadth and complexity of consciousness. So the conclusion must be that the brain holds the consciousness or (what I once argued in Philosohy class) that the brain is responsible for interacting with the 'other side'. But there is no reason to believe this alternate idea.... I just argued it as an extreme. If it were this simple then why have a brain at all? I mean the 'other side' could communicate with our bodies with a lot less complexity with the infinite of knowledge it would possess. So realistcally, you should not consider obscure possiblities if the current belief fits the data.
  14. You mean over the span of a large amount of time? It sounds possible... because the speed of light is only a threshold, light has been slowed down experiementally, but it cannot be accelerated.. only retarded. lol I know that word is always funny in any serious context.. but seriously, I didn't want to say decellerated because it's not a mechanical issue.
  15. Isn't it funny how he mentioned the irrelevant line about "can be demolished" just to introduce questions like... "what if the line was severed??? Shudder.." Well I'll tell you what... if there is a spiritual body that can separate from the physical body.. it would be useless because it would not retain your memories or experience. If a person suffers brain damage they can lose these things... if the spiritul body held these memories or experiences.. then damaging the brain would not harm them. A simple proof that even if you COULD.. it would be a mindless, newborn baby of a spirit.
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