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    My first choice was CNU. Who cares though, I still got in. I plan to study business management or accounting. I don't know for sure, but those sound pretty good.
  2. eric


    I just got accepted into Old Dominion University (http://www.odu.edu), but it was my second choice. Regardless, I'm pretty excited about getting in somewhere decent. I'm still waiting on Christopher Newport University's answer (http://www.cnu.edu). Anyone else recently get accepted to college? I can't wait...
  3. eric

    Splinter Cell for PC

    If you're on broadband, I don't mind sending the game to you. Just let me know.
  4. eric

    A Chat room?

    The mIRC channel is pointless because you have a moderator like Faf who will ban you for his own personal reasons. He's power hungry -- as many of you can already tell. He banned me because I won't apologize to him because he has obsessive compulsive behavior. Kinda odd...
  5. I've got Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell for PC and I don't see an option to use my controller. Can anyone help me? It's kinda frustrating...
  6. During the rush, stretching 300 pizza doughs and running back and forth from the cooler (walk-in) does, however. Nice try at the sarcasm though -- how do you get your money again? Oh yeah, Mommy. Who pays for this website? Oh yeah, Blike.
  7. I've come on my 6th month working at Domino's Pizza, where I eat chicken wings, chicken kickers, all kinds of pizza imaginable, and anything else I can find to make a good meal/snack. Anyways, I've actually lost 2 lbs within that time period while working there. I'm sure my weight has changed a lot, but I from what I can see after a 6 month period, I've lost 2 lbs. I'm now 6'3", 158 lbs. I used to be kinda "chubby", so I can't explain the whole metabolism thing. It must be from all the work I do there when I'm not eating -- we get pretty busy sometimes. For those who talk to me on a regular basis: I should be back next week, I dunno yet.
  8. Alright, lets clear a few things up. Who took the U.S. into war in 1991? George Bush. Bush bombed women and children. Infact, regarding the whole Saddam comment. It's Bush's fault Saddam is still in power. On the Clinton situation with Monica, he wasn't the first president to do something like that, I hope you know.
  9. eric

    Good programs?

    Fafalone, how do you expect this site to protray professionalism and maturity when the site's co-owner doesn't show it.
  10. Whoever said Clinton wanted to bomb Bosnia? He was merely supporting NATO, our allies. You don't have allies and then decide to not back them when they make a decision. As far as the economy goes, the Clinton administration had everything to do with the rise of it. If you look back, there was a string of 12 years (Republican presidents) and the economy was shit and stayed shit. Clinton took over and within 8 years, he made it best it had been in over 50 years. Now that Bush has come into office, it's back in the gutter. The bell just rang - I need to get to class. I'll post more later.
  11. Does anyone know of good pharmacology programs? (Ex: University of Virginia, Ohio State, etc.) Those are just two schools I've heard of...
  12. Is it just me, or is this whole imaginary number stuff just a bunch of crap? I learned this in Algebra II class the other week. Now, my teacher is trying to apply it. What meaning will this have in my life? Don't get me wrong, I understand the concept...but, why do I need to know this?
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