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  1. [quote. I personnally think the series is fine. If you take Tony Hawk Pro Skater for example, you play but you know not to jump out of a window. QUOTE] Hahaha youd be surprised. Let me put it this way if it was jumping out of a window with no chance of survival fanatic people wouldnt do it, but if it guaranteed atr least a small chance youd see people doing it. Ex. I was temped to take the Fedex truck I knew I wasnt going to get shot for doing it. Get it now.
  2. When I saw the name of the thread I thought damn I must open up a can of beer to enjoy the Bullshit Im about to read hehehe and surely Adam made my day hahaha. I ask myself why? what is he trying to proof? doesent he know hes conversation is being posted on the thread and its making him look like a total Idiot?
  3. True there is alot f fantasy but teens are still being reinforcedby the game to wanna steal cars, wich is not a fantasy. I gotta admit after playing hours of GTA I was tempted to take an unguarded Fedex truck with the keys inside for a spin; but then I realized I should stop playing the game for a while hehehe.
  4. See lets not get mistaken;there are three or four types of people that can get exited by the movies and wanna do somthing similar in the real world. 1. Stupid people 2. people with imagination 3. Kids mostly teens though sometimes the worst combination is stupid teens because not only do they feel invincible but they are stupid as well. for example teens that tried thejack ass stunts after they saw the movie. Persnally I get exited from a book also so it would put me in the imagination category cuse stupid people dont read much hehehe
  5. I disagree big time and I love video games. Dont tell me Mortal Kombat 1 didnt make you wanna kick some ass lol.
  6. Oh you have no Idea how crazy the stuff being released today is. If you think Grand theft auto is insane then check out Postal part 2!:flame: :haha:
  7. I was wondering if I could get some help. Im trying to write a book since I got nothing to do this summer lol so if anybody knows how to make an outline for a book please help Im really interested in this thanks.
  8. I dont know if this may sound a little far fetched but what if it is possible that our thoughts may travel through time at some points. For instance people are able to have preminitions or dream of actual things o come. I think we may not be able to physically travel through time but if we could I think our thoughts would have a much easier time doing so.
  9. Im gonna make up a theory righ now ok. "just the fact that you were able to imagine it makes it possible for it to occur" how about that!


    You have a good reply its just hard for me at times to not relate anything that has to do with lessening their popultion with doing it intentionally. For instance if they went to war tommorrow I would say it was either for land or to lower population. After all their isnt enough bullets in he world to kill off the chinese army.
  11. Yes true But I meant why is it that one has a different perception while under the influence of marijuana. Like being analytical I dont know Im just curious to know why that actually is. And both alcohol and marijuana are depressants yet one will leave you mellow for the rest of your life if you smoke too much or too long and the other just makes you violent and want sex its strange. I just felt like asking cause Im not in the mood to research it haha


    If anything one of my beliefs about this SARS deseas is that it was brought on by the Chinese Governmet to reduce population and at the same time they didnt give a fuck if the rest of the world had some. After all now that I think of it aids sounds like it was brought under similar motives.
  13. Ok thats weird so what do we need the brain cells for? and by regenerating do you mean that the ones you lost come back? Oh and since we are on the topic of the brain just curious if anybody knew the specific effects of marijuana on the bain. Like why does it make one so analytical?
  14. Nah nobody can really prove the conciousness thing nobody knows were it comes from. Anyway the fact that the person can see what is going on while they are clinically dead is strong, because this has been expiriencd by many and their has been many witnesses.
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