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  1. I understand, and can agree with what the quantum unverse suggest. But the above is where it gets a bit irksome for me. I am not sure why and how it would be as I have proposed, however it seems too logical to be dismissed.... ...the matrix....
  2. Because time is compelely relative to the observer, and observations are made by the mind. Moreover, time is an illusion, and in fact has no real existence.. Why? If one made the most accurate clock, he would see that "one second" is equal to eternity.... and n fact time never passes, nor does the clock ever tick... And if you plan to refute my previous statement with "it is beleived that time is not continuous, and "ticks" according to Planck's Constant", I ask..... What is this "ticking" relative to?? How can one have a number that can be made smaller, yet is the minimum for the flow of existence, this would suggest that there is something in between these "ticks", hence something that is exclusive of existence and,consequently, paradoxical. I agree that when one picks one of 6 salads, he is veiwing 1/6 of reality(excluding all other factors of course), however I cannot aggre that it branches out. My hypothesis is that all "possible" universes exist simultaneously. And one only perceives the unvierse that he exists in. Everything is laid out before hand, and we are simply following one path. Relative to us it appears as if we are making the decisions in our universe, however we are simply making the decision because we are supposed to make the decision. I am still working out the why and the how, but so far it seems irrefutable. For if a man was controlling your mind...how would you know??
  3. Pretty much.... What, are you implying that time travel SHOULD have an effect and therefore SHOULD be paradoxical??? Don't forget time is completely relative to the observer, as is EVERYTHING, motion, experience, logic, etc.. No I haven't, but as I have said this is Trans-dimensional travel, not Time Travel. And even with parallel universes, going to another universe to kill your grandfather is not altering that universe, for that universe already exist as your "Native" Universe already exists. And in fact would be a part of your "native" universe. Moreover what I have concluded is that the parallel universe hypthesis and the realm of Possibility itself, completely refute the idea of free will. But this is a different topic. This is true also. One of my main points is that if you time travel, your thought and memories will also time travel. Why people believe this isn't so, is one of the main reasons Time Travel is looked upon as paradoxical, for everyone thinks that one's mind will still be in May 10 2003, even though they may have traveled to 1800. In this hypothesis, Time travel is basically hopping into a machine, then going about your day as if you have not traveled back in time. In actuality, this idea shows that time has overlapped itself and has traveled to YOU. As in my original explanantion..... You have "traveled back in time" where EVERYTHING is the same as it was at that time period, contrastingly, your mind is still aware of that this is your "past", you know everything you knew after this point, and your mind has not traveled in time..... And this corroborates my MAIN point. The conventional reasoning behind what time travel would be is completely erroneous, and truly makes no sense to begin with. The conventional logic assumes that the mind is completely separated from the body, and the traveler himself is unaffected by temporal displacement, whereas everything around him has changed. YET, the traveler is still capabale of altering the "future" even though what would be considered "future" compared to the point in time he has traveled to, is actually the "past" to the traveler. Now I ask, what is this assumption that the mind and body would be unaffected by temporal displacement while still being able to affect the "future" based on??? The mind is the propogator of relativity, the mind is the cause of relativity, and the mind defines existence. If if one were to travel back in time it would be a closed system that is strictly relative to the observer no paradoxes, information from the future, or anything else that would imply that a time traveler is exclusive of temporal displacement. That is completely contradictory and is NOT TIME Travel. It is two seperate ideas put together, and if anything is truly Trans-dimensional Travel. To ever believe this would be TIME travel is inane and completely nonsensical.
  4. I agree that this too may be possible, for there are an infinite number of possibilties for an infinite number of periods in time, hence there is an infinite number of universe that exist simulatneously, and one simply progresses through which ever one he perceives himself as existing in. But that is not Time Travel, it is Trans-dimensional Travel and is a seprate subject. What are you talking about. I have already explained more than once that you would travel back to time as it orginally was. Forget the machines, think about the idea here. Say I have figured out the schematics of a machine that will teleport me to whatever time period I wish to return to. Now imagine that this time period was May 7, 2003 at which ever time I was viewing this forum. When I would travel back to this time, the only thing that would be happening is EXACTLY what was happening at the time period I returned to. Meaning I would be viewing this forum as if it were the "first" time. I would not be aware that I traveled back in time, nor would I have anything in my possesion from the future, no letters, no notes, not a thing that is nonexistent at this point. WHY don't I have anything? Because I have TIME TRAVELED, meaning relative to me the point on my existence line is not what it would be realtive to someone else, say a spectator watching the teleportation. This teleportation would be one STRICTLY of the mind and its perception, not matter, nor body. This would be true, because relativity is true. And relativity concludes, though my body may be perceived a certain way to someone in proximity to me(i.e ten feet), someone looking at me from a light year away could only perceive what I looked like a year ago, and realtive to them that is how I look "now". Hence, to a Time Traveler, being only aware of the assigned "now" will not know anything but what is accessible at the assigned point "now". I'm still working on this, but I am almost sure that it is possible and most likely true. Because it isn't paradoxical.
  5. My whole argument relies on the idea that if one is able to travel back in time, everything that was true for that time will still be true for that time and one cannot take anything with you because if it didn't exist at the "first" time it won't exist when you returned to this time period. The idea that you could take something with you is quite inane, for the mere fact that one can ask "Why wasn't it there the "first" time if Time is an open system that can be altered??" Now this isn't what is paradoxical about time travel this is what is incorrect about the conventional model of time travel. And truly doesn't make sense that anyone would believe this as an the expected Effect at all. For it is the hypothesis that is completely illogical, not time travel itself. Maybe. I'm still not sure about this, however, the main reaosn for my interests in time travel is due to the fact that I have deja vu on a monthly basis. Very strange indeed...
  6. ?? Yes it does.... Well I guess so if that's what makes sense.... What is fallacious about using a linear model? I'd much rather you tell me what is incorrect, than just simply saying that I am wrong. Equally... Please add some type of corroboration rather than just making arbitrary conclusions... A summation of what I am saying is as follows: If one can travel back in time and be aware that he is in another time frame, then his mind and existetence are somehow immune to temproal displacement. If this IS so then this will equally make it immpossible for him to affect an earlier time frame, such as killing his grandfather. Though this speration of existence and time is unlikely, it still differs from the typical, and quite inane "hop into a time machine and kill your grandfather, along with partaking in hundreds of other paradoxical actions." If there is any possibility that Causualty Violations can be made, then the idea is completely erroneous. This view of time travel eliminates those possibilties.
  7. I explained why. If one TRULY goes back in time then he cannot be aware of anything that happened after the time period he traveled to, for it hasn't happened yet, and his memories can only consist of what has happened up until that point in time, not what will happen after that point. How would you leave yourself a note? There is no way an event from a future time frame can affect anything but that which follows the event. So if you are thinking one can leave a note that says "Don't travel back in time for you will be caught in a time loop" is incorrect.
  8. EXACTLY. One can't prove an "axiom" to be true,UNLESS one has a logical system exclusive of that axiom. Thus, what is absolute is RELATIVE to the observer.
  9. No. He's admitted to funding the family of suicide bombers to bomb CIVILIANS in Israel. Not really, if one sees a dictator who openly shows his disgust, abhorration, and malignity, uncircumstancially you don't let him do what ever the heck he wants. Very weak argument. You show me all of the civilians we killed uneccesesarily, yet purposely in the name of Christianity, becuas the Bible says to stirke down the infidels, and I'll tell you your right. NO. Uhhhhh I have over 550 channels, and I have seen specials about what is wrong with the war on Iraq. I recall Iraq, having 4 channels or so.....but hey, there's no room for brainwashing there...... And what civilians were these? "we are one nation under God" That means NOTHING. We do not follow the rules of the Bible as Federal Law. Hence we are not a Theocracy. We do not fund terrorists killing in the name of religion, HENCE we are not a theocracy. Yeah, no wonder all of those people who have been speaking out against The Bush Administration over the past few weeks have been executed......because we kill dissents. Well then if this happens, may he who is without sin cast the first stone. First of all don't ascribe my disagreement with US citizens in general, because only 70% agree with the war, and most of them are closer to being in between, than strongly agreeing with it. Second of All, we didn't bomb civilian houses, we bombed Saddam's main Command Palaces. Third of all, "for which aim?"; to disable Saddam AND his regime.
  10. I like Charm, it has a bit of an apple taste to it....
  11. But what is absolute is COMPLETELY relative to the observer....
  12. Well, actually I meant, to say "there are no absolutes" is stating an absolute, meaning it is a statement that is neither true or false as the original post asked ....buuuut... It is true that no logic can exist without axioms/Given Absolutes, and it is equally true that nothing based on an axiom is true if that axiom itself is not true. HOWEVER the only way to tell whether or not an axiom is true is if you have a logical system exclusive of that axiom. So really I haven't ignored mathematics at ALL.
  13. I understand that, but what kind of got to me Dr. Bill is that you spoke of the MKAKU forum as if it were nothing but Fundamentalists, and Education Dissents... . I know there WAS that one problem with Douglas, but that was 3 months ago, why speak of it now as if it still happens. I think that problem is completely over and done with, and has been for quite some time. To say "The other forum is great but I do not need emails to my home....." Makes it seem as if that kind of stuff still goes on. Moreover when people reply with "I doubt Fafalone would let religous nuts and pseudoscientists get a foothold here." they show what their interpretation of The MKAKU Forum is, that being a forum where religous "nuts" and psuedoscientists have a foothold. This is NOT true about the Forum, and that is why I had a problem. Additonally, I am sincerely wondering who was been attacking you as a scienctists, teacher, etc., I think I can name a name, but still I am sure he doesn't do it on a regular basis, or go out of his way (i.e. emailing your work and home) to do so. Also I am sure he could be spoken with, IF he is still on the Forum. Becuase when you said the Brightest are leaving the Forum, the only people I can think of leaving the forum before your departure was Douglas, and also it is Malai5 and Pheonix whose presence has been infrequent lately. And they are the only two I can think of that were maybe a bit "out there" in opinions and Philosphy. Although, even Pheonix had much much more to say than just religous "ideas", and it was quite recently when he started going to the "Dark Side" (Fundamentalism). Well, you can give a big round of applause to YJS for that..... Now I am sure you didn't put him up to this at all, and it was rather characteristic of him, but he made quite a show on MKAKU Forum. He made a post in General Science titled "New Forum". He then gave a link to this Science Forum.Net that said "the new hope" above it. This was ensued by a paragraph paraphrased ("if you're loyal to Dr. Bill"(his exact words by the way) you'll leave the MKAKU Forum) He then concluded with how every other moderator but CC knew what they were doing, and he in fact spoke of Cosmic quite condescendingly, and topped it off with "I'm tried of this Bull*i**, aren't you." I had time to reply to it before it was deleted, but I doubt he had a chance to read it. I am GUESSING, that his name on this Forum is YoungStrife, but that is only based on the fact that he had the same signature as YoungStrife on the MKAKU forum a little while back. But this is just a guess. I didn't come here because I was UNHAPPY with The MKAKU Forum, I came because I am interested in how this forum compares to it, and also simply to hear what some others have to say about GUT, TOE, GR, etc., etc. I plan on staying a member of BOTH forums. I mean, they're almost identical. It is a good to see you again, but it isn't so good to see the MKAKU forum, being portrayed out of light, to people that maybe haven't been to it yet that's all. Best Regards, Chris Cunnigham
  14. Sorry, but our nation isn't run by a dictator, we don't kill our own people, we don't send terrorists to other nations, we don't send suicide bombers to kill in the name of religon, we don't rage holy wars, our nation isn't in anyway a theocracy, we don't try and brainwash our citizens by limiting what can be shown on television, we don't kill dissents, our nation isn't in turmoil; economically, politically, and socially, and put rather simply, we know better. So even if we do have WOMD, do you really think we are going to use them?!?!?!?! Now if you think someone that does the aformentioned had WOMD, doesn't live in a country that is economically stable and socially stable, and furthermore wants to make a name for himself because he believes its his destiny based on his decendents repuations; isn't going to use them, and isn't a major threat to the wellbeing of humanity?!?!??!?!
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