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  1. Can anyone recommend a documentary that is not dripping with Bro-science and pseudoscience? Something light about food or anything like that. I watched too many Universe/Black hole/ Particle documentaries and I need a break. Any recommendation will be appreciated! :)

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    2. Silvestru


      Thank you guys. I will definitely start with koti's recommendation. I forgot about wacky religion documentaries. Great! 

    3. koti


      It’s interesting from psychological and economical point of they are able to brainwash smart (but empathetic) people into the cult and how they were able to intimidate the IRS to give them billions in tax exemption. I recommend this 2 hour interview with actor Jason Beghe, I think its actually more insightful than the HBO documentary:


    4. NimrodTheGoat


      If you want you can watch the videos this channel has to offer. The videos are short but they are interesting in their own way. They focus mainly on  the evolutionary facet of Earths history.  

      PBS Eons