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  1. I am wondering, are there any structural or civil engineers here? If so, what do you guys do for your job? If anyone else knows what exactly they do, and if there are any new 'fields' of discovery, so to speak, in these two areas that you know of, could you tell me about them too? I am interested in becoming either a structural or civil engineer, but I don't know what the difference is.
  2. Possibly because know one knows what they are?
  3. You know Severian...I actually did tell her that I was feeling really confused at that time when I told her what I did, and That I kind of acted on impulse. She hasn't told me whether she believes me or not. Which probably means she does not. As to hermes....she will probably think it is nagging her if I do what you have told me to do. I would have done that before, but now I know she thinks it's plain annoying. I think Severian and Bettina should end their argument. It is clear that there is a misunderstanding here...
  4. Funny, most guys want someone they can trust and be with for the rest of their lives too, except they really ever tell that to anyone. In any case, it's a verly beautiful poemyou have there hermes. I am not going to give it to her. Why? Because I don't think she is a true friend. I considered her to be my only true friend. I had no one else I considered a "true" friend. Turns out, I was just being naive, over optimistic and plain dumb. Next time I'll never be so dedicated to someone, as I have been to this person, unless the person in question proves that they would do the same for me. I am not going to talk with ever. Unless she comes and talks with me first...in which case we'll see what happens. But I really dislike her now. The sudden change from "love" to not liking her is quite sudden and surprising for me. Just proves that I didn't really know what love was, and probably didn't love her as much as I thought I did. Anyways, I am two years younger than Bettina. I am assuming you are in grade 12? I am in grade 10. I need someone I can trust. Someone who won't disappoint me. I doubt I will ever find such a person. The world seems to be made up specially of people who will go out of their way to disappoint you in every way. I really didn't want her to love me back...I already knew she didn't. I just told her. In any case, she showed her true nature. Ah well, I don't feel bad any more either you know. Not even crushed. I still feel so angry for being so naive and gullible. I'm angry with myself, not with anyone else. Bascule: I am very much like how you are. I really empathized with this person. Listened to all their stories, sympathized with them. I gave them possible solutions when they asked for solutions. I gave them advice when they asked for it. I just listened to them when they just wanted me to listen, and I really showed that I understood. She even told me once that she had never met someone who understood her so well, and who has helped her so much. I think that is where I started loving her, when she told me that. What a bloody lie.
  5. So we talked. And she said perhaps this friendship should come to an end. Because I didn't give her the time she needed. And that email freaked her out more too...she said that that was not called giving her time. I told her I gave her some time, and then I got worried, so I tried to explain things to her. I also told her that I solve problems by talking them out, not keeping it shut inside myself, so I didn't understand exactly what she wanted. She told me that I should stop talking about this, and just relax and shut up. I shut up for a while, and then finally asked her: So this is at an end? She said she doesnt know. I said okay. I think it's over. I think I thought we were much closer than we really were. I was too good to her. I helped her in everything. I think I am crushed. But I am way more angry with myself. My anger crushes the part of me that is crushed. My anger is overwhelming, it wants to crush something. I can't believe I was so nice to someone who would do this to me. Who can't even understand me. I deserve it. I will learn from it. It is over, I want it to be over. Thanks for your help, everyone.
  6. Haha...it's funny how this is slowly becoming a popular thread. In any case, I still haven't received a reply from her...but knowing her, she'll probably talk with me on MSN, and not right me an email in reply. I haven't been on MSN for the past couple of days because of my mid-term exams...so I'll see what happens later on today. She's always on on Monday nights....
  7. Haha, I'm a male lol... In any case, I told her exactly what I told you guys. I took a while to write exactly what I wanted to say, and sent it to her as an email... Let's see what she has to say. I hope this works.... I so hope I am friends with her again...
  8. In my school, I had a best friend (who is a girl), who is now no more my best friend... We were very close (but only as friends). One day I told her that I did infact love her (she said she didn't feel the same about me), and ever since then...we have not been the same. I already did know that she didn't love me that way, but I still had to tell her. I got taken over by this urge to tell her...and I don't know why.We had both professed our love for each other as best friends...and she even called me her "support and stability" once and I told her that I felt the same about her. But now all is lost.... Frankly, I don't care about my love for her as much as our friendship...which was really one of a kind. I want to tell her that, and I want to talk with her again...I feel so lonely without her... She told me she needs some time, and that our friendship didn't have to end. I gave her time...and now it's been a week...but she is still behaving in a wierd maner. I am unsure what I should do next...should I tell her that I miss her? Should I tell her that I am completely torn and crushed, not because she doesn't love me in the same way as I love her, but because I have lost her friendship? Do you think she maybe doesn't want to talk with me ever again in the same manner as we once used to? We used to share every one of our happinesses, sadnesses...EVERTYHING. I feel so alone and sad...and I have no clue what I should do...
  9. What is nCr? We have not learn that yet. If possible, could you please explain the concept?
  10. Hey guys, This is just a grade 10 level math question that I have, that will be extremely simple for you, but I am unable to understand what to do (I am in Grade 10 too). The problem is that there are 9 people playing sports, and they need to divide up into teams of 2. How many different ways can they form their groups? The answer for this question is 20, but how do you get that answer? I am totally confused, and all your help in clarifying this matter is greatly appreciated. Thanks, RedAlert
  11. Well, this is how I would do it. We need to find p/q (and then times it by a hundred to get the percent). Since 0.5x = 0.2y Then let y = 1. In which case: 0.5x = 0.2 x = 0.2/0.5 x = 0.4 Therefore: 0.5 * 0.4 = 0.2y 0.2 = 0.2y 0.2/0.2 = y 1 = y 0.4/1 = p/q 0.4*100 = p/q 40% = p/q * 100<---- This step is to give us p as a percent of q Therefore, our final answer would be: 40%, or 0.4 as you said. So yes, you are correct. By the way, are you in Grade 10? Because I am, and I am doing the same stuff as you are.
  12. Science and ethics go hand in hand. We study science for the betterment of humanity, not just because we like to blindly store information in our brains. The betterment of humanity is related very much to ethics.
  13. Oh thanks a lot for all those ideas and suggestions. I am going to try them out. As for your last question, "Whats actually up with your pc?" .....well, I was trying to get Internet Explorer again (I had removed it earlier) but I couldn't find where to download it on the Microsoft Website. So I downloaded it from a different place. Turns out that the Internet Explorer came with a whole bunch of ad-ware (internet optimizer, mediaaccess, Power Scan, Slotch Bar, etc.)....I don't know about spyware, but there were probably some of that too. So I needed something to scan my entire computer and eliminate all these warez, but I didn't know quite what to do since I am not really a computer expert. Thanks for your help, I get all those programs and we will see how it goes.
  14. Do you know of any good, reliable, and free adware and spyware removers that I can use? I just got infected with a bunch of this S***T.
  15. The question is, which has a greater influence on water: the sun or the moon? I think it is both because they both affect the water in some way. Perhaps the question should be reworded to specify exactly what type of "influence" is being talked about.
  16. I have never used IRC so....
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