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  1. Oh Ic. What client should I get? BTW, I think I would have joined if the Java based IRC client was still there.
  2. Maybe she hates you too.
  3. Ok, when I try to install the BF2 demo, it does the install sheild wizard thing. Then as you all know, a little picture comes up saying "Battlefield 2". As soon as that picture loads, an error message comes up saying: "You need to have administrator privileges to run setup." What is that all about? I am running a Windows ME, and there is no administrator for my home computer. We have two computers. One is my parent's, the other is mine and my sister's. I play all my games on my computer. I never set up any sort of multiple user thing at all on my computer. Just to test things out, I downloaded the Empire Earth 2 demo, and installed it. It worket out fine. No error messages, no nothing. Something else is messed up here, but I would still like to know how to make up an administrative account.
  4. What is an AP exam? I'm only in grade 9 and love the thought of me sleeping away happily as you guys work your butts off! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA! Sadly, I lose my sleep when I remember that one day I will be in the same position as you guys. Ahhh....I am fortune's fool!!!
  5. Sharks are so cute!!! I think everyone should have a pet shark, not a pet dog.
  6. http://www.addictinggames.com/magnetism.html This is a very addicting game. So far, In Game A Type B, I have reached the level where there are lots of shock absorbers, balls, and shifting gravity. In Game B type B, I have reached the level where you get launched right next to a green magnet and there is no gravity. See how well you guys do.
  7. 5614, I noticed the same thing! My problems are more with the attaching and emailing. It has slowed down a looooot!
  8. Then what's the problem? It's already decided!
  9. Three pictures with a mouth in a slightly different position.
  10. There will be a minimum of two of animators. I can do Flash Animation.
  11. Don't worry about the sound, alt-f13 has agreed to help us. His work is very professional.
  12. It has come to my attention, that we do have a few animators here, but not all of them are very good artists. Thus, I feel that we need some artists to help us out. We need very simple characters to be drawn out and possibly coloured for us. We also need some backgrounds and other objects. We would appreciate all help that you give us. Your first job (for all those who are willing), is to start drawing basic sketches of the characters outlined in the "Characters" thread. Post the drawings here. Thankyou.
  13. Heaven forbid? I never asked you to join, you came here. You only participate if you WANT to join.
  14. Hmm...If I gave you a drawing, would you be able to animate it? EDIT: Creating a concept art section.
  15. Interesting....I am guessing it would be very expensive? It would need a huge amount of programming, art work, etc. etc.....hence it will also have a huuuugggeeee price tag. But I would still love to try it. I like the Star Trek part of the game Here is the official site for those who would like to visit it: http://spore.ea.com/
  16. Post your character details here if you want to participate in the Flash Animation. Tell us some details about your character, but don't get too detailed. I am repeating this procedure here, because as Phi pointed out in the other game thread, some people were getting toooo detailed. S So, here is your final chance to participate in the animation!
  17. As you all know, we are creating a flash animation based on SFN. However, to do that, we need flash animators. If you think you can do flash, create a small flash animation (10-15 seconds long) and post it here. We (Phi for All and me) will choose the best flash animators to do the job of flash animating. So, let your imagination roll and show us your animating skills!
  18. No! No! We absolutely appreciate your ideas and would like you to contribute further. I quite like your idea of the rabbits! Watch out! The Killer Rabbits are coming!!!!!
  19. I think it would be safe to presume that we should start making the list of the cast now?
  20. Time to get this thread back up. Does anyone have any other methods or sutras of vedic maths? Any good sites you know of?
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