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  1. What phonetic system do you use? I myself use the dominic system and the major system. <-- combined with method of loci. :3
  2. I'll play the devils advocate. Let's put the two views into focus. 1. Condoms help prevents HIV is this true? 2. Good morals and proper restraint with spiritual guidance can prevent aids? With respect to 1. both parties, should practice safer sex. since once in awhile condoms do break and from oral sex. With respect to 2. if we practice control and restraint then we abstain sex if we know our partner does have aids. Third view. Both 1 and 2 have loopholes. If we apply both hand in hand, (with out the spiritual thing >.< or with it if you are a believer) I
  3. Hi, I'm really interested with how memory works, I ask you, to try these experiment for one week, let your friends try it or those close to you and observe if these exercises improved your memory or their memory, even for a little bit. Objective: "A healthy mind = a healthy body." "Good focus, concentration, understanding and memory." "5 minutes of memory exercise per day is all it takes." The Hypothesis is that, memory is like a muscle, if you exercise it it'll be stronger. So let's do our best to disprove this hypothesis. (P.s. I do believe that a the mind works like
  4. My generation has very short attention span. <-- Not a good thing. You need something to grab that attention. I remember a time when some group invited my peers and I during college, we'd listen to artists and after a break, a guy would speak for 5 minutes, then we'll have more music and parties. <-- that's their innovative idea of getting our attention. Well it worked, because every I'd hear the local song, I'd remember the topic. Make education enjoyable. :3 If it's fun we remember it more. Even though it's logical or reasonable, we'll forget those. I for one love to watch
  5. ^^, Your normal. You just need to focus a little. I used to have your problems. You can improve your focus if you want to :3 Your mind just needs a little exercise. Just spice things up, and imagine it, give what you study/ listen to, a "sensual image". (the image or representation or understanding of all the information observed and correlated by all the senses). Pm me if you need more information.
  6. If you're having problem with your memory, I recommend you practice visualization and method of loci. As a last resort - rote memory. Memory is like a muscle, the more you practice it the better it will be. :3 Pm me if you need help with method of loci or rote memory. ^^,
  7. Teach your children the scientific method. It's the principle basic concept of science. ^,^
  8. I memorize by utilizing my senses. ^^ I hope these visuals will help you the way I did. The first link is for mitosis the second is for meiosis. http://kvhs.nbed.nb.ca/gallant/biology/mitosis_phases.jpg http://www.brown.edu/Courses/BI0032/gentherp/phaseIB1.html How to memorize 1. Rote: a. Make an outline b. memorize the outline, by writing the outline line by line until you memorized everything. 2. Mnemonics a. Imagine the steps as visual images and place them into a familiar location. ex. a1. Interphase - since I gave you a link about the phases, imagine
  9. People who have photographic memory have very good observation skills. Often times they rely on their senses. But we through memory training could achieve the same if not better. ^^, Mnemonics and rote memory really helps if you practice either often. What do you think about those who are autistic savants?
  10. I like the SQR3 method. I have some questions though, do you think this method would complement mind mapping? Mind map 1. Start from a central topic 2. Branch of to subtopics 3. Using key words/key images With respect to mnemonics, I do believe we have to understand first what we wish to remember before we rely on mnemonics or rote memory. I myself read the book two times before I memorize the important things. 1. To have an overview of the book. 2. Zero on the topics that I need to learn. 3. Memorize. Which method do you utilize for memorizing information? I us
  11. Hi I'm M. Hope I can learn a lot from you guys.
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