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  1. What is the best way to overhaul the education system? In a world where technology has created a fast paced global world, we seem to have forgotten to bring the education system up to date. We are teaching 21st century generations, with a 19th/20th century system. I pose we create a whole new state of the art 21st century system to teach on a global nature. Teaching all cultures and language, the business world is now global so should the education be. I strongly believe if we teach culture, it will also bring world peace. As it will be teaching understanding, tolorance, and communication. If we want to give our kids half a chance as well as keep our country strong, we have to build a strong foundation, the way you do that is create a state of the art education system, to educate the next generation, the generation that will be responsible for our nation. Every child needs a safe clean place to learn. I am working on an out line and welcome input. I am calling it education for world peace. I also hope it will fix the homeless problem.
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