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  1. here is an update. i dont remember how long its been since i posted originally. things are not better. i now have a marked more difficult time getting to sleep, tending to only be awake for about 12 hours a time, from the time i wake up. i was scheduled for a sleep study however could not attend it since i would have to be there at 10pm and ready to sleep an hour from then, when my hours would have me sleeping at 4am. its extremely difficult to live like this. i have a dental appointment on monday at 2pm that i cannot miss though having woken up today at 2pm after staying up until 8pm la
  2. i was at the house of a catholic priest with my mom, myself, the priest, and two of their mutual friends about to eat dinner. the priest went to close the curtains and called out to us "there is a big cross in the sky!" well we all proceed to go outside and saw a cross, a gate, a demons face, and other things that we at the time called apparitions. it was very high in the air and the color of clouds but it was unmistakeable distinct shapes and forms that we could all see and identify. up until a certain point in my life i thought they were apparitions. so did the others. when i heard abou
  3. serious ?: is it possible to make shapes out of clouds using cloud seeding ? me and a group of people saw shapes in the sky the color of clouds that i wont get into that i have always dismissed as having a human component to.. i was hoping i could get verification that it is possible to create distinct shapes through cloud seeding thank you
  4. i was studying math tonight and found that i would forget what the key concepts being taught were about and had to reread the past to try and refresh my memory. i think i need assistance improving my memory because its just so horrible. i do take psych meds, have for the past 12 years. risperdal, trazodone, and prolixin. i would appreciate any help you can offer i realize that when i grow old my memory might be a big problem. thank you
  5. I am a smoker who has been trying to quit. I have been smoking about 2 packs a day. I often get very stressed out anywhere 1-2 days without a cigarette and break down out and get a pack and tell myself i'll try to quit after that pack. I have never made it past 3 days with no cigarettes. its very stressful, i tend to be bound to my bed for that time, and i tend to want to give myself a break by not quitting. I am wondering if nicotine gum is a good way for serious smokers like me to quit ? seeing as i can't get past 3 days i'm wanting to use an aid instead of quitting cold turkey th
  6. I am disabled and diagnosed with schizophrenia. I have quite a number of health problems which have prompted me to turn to a science forum for help on my biggest problem which is sleep. I tend to sleep excessively for about 12 hours or so after taking my medication. given that i have been awake enough to my sleepy on my own. without my medication I most likely would not be able to get to sleep at all. as far as antipsychotics go i have tried risperdal, xyprexa, seroquel, prolictin, all of which keeps my symptoms under control, with some side effects, however some put me to sleep much
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