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  1. i'm sorry if i spammed your site with that like. it actually was my blog. it was down for about 30 mins that's why you got 404. i have science related stuff there, that's why i added it there. there was no intention of spamming your site. again sorry if i did so.
  2. basically this is due to the charge of the particle and thus due to the direction of the electric current. I think you should read up about the forces generated when a current passes through a magnetic field. check out my blog: http://www.pulasthi.info
  3. hey, yes you are right. these multiple alleles can be located in the same chromosome or scattered around few different chromosomes. For example: eye color, skin color, height, weight, and some hereditary disorders like diabetes and many other polygenic diseases. check out my blog: http://www.pulasthi.info
  4. friends, When ever there is an event associated with high energy electrons, there is a photon emission, so there is an electromagnetic radiation generated. Energy of the photons has something close to a normal distribution thus they form a spectrum. That's as simple as that. check out my site: http://www.pulasthi.info thanks friend, most this at your work place or at home emmits eletromagnetic radiation in the form of heat, thus infrared waves. check out my site: http://www.pulasthi.info Hope you understand now:eyebrow:
  5. There are lot of synthetic bacterial forms which we use for various chemical processing streams. But i see a great difference in creating a simple unicellular organism and creating a complex multi cellular cognitively active being. myblog: www.pulasthi.info
  6. It's all about survival of the fittest. Now we see what is fit for that particular condition. i hope you can understand what i say. myblog : www.pulasthi.info
  7. learning essentially has 3 steps. encoding, storing and decoding or retrieving. Encoding - understanding information that you receive and transform them in to understandable format. Storing - Most of the information we come across everyday doesn't get into our long term memory. But those information we use consciously for some time will leak into our long term memory. memory is a very broad topic. so it'll be not effective to talk about memory here. So I'll be submitting an article about memory and how you can effectively strengthen your memory soon. Initially all information that we come across is stored in our short term memory. Then depending on the significance of the information, how long the information was used consciously and other factors, the information will be stored or will left over. Those factors will also decide how easy those memories can be retrieved. Retrieve / Decode - Retrieving memory form where we stored. I just wanted to give a brief overview of the processes involved in learning. Now we'll discuss, how you can use these theories practically to improve your learning. You can use these easy to use methods. There are two methods that i recommend you to use. 1. SQ3R 2. MURDER * SQ3R Survey - Before you start studying a particular section, go through it on the surface and try to get a picture of what you are going to learn Questions - Try to make some question that you expect to get answered by studying that particular section. Read - Read the section carefully (This should be a very cognitive process) and try to understand the concepts. Recite - Try to read out what you have read with out looking at the text. Even if the theory suggest this step, i don't recommend this for science and math students. But you can use this to test your memory on certain formulas and so on. Review - Although all the steps are important, i find this step very very important. This is the step which require lot of concentration. In this step you have to re memorise and check your understanding of certain principals and concepts. Also you can apply what you just learnt to real world examples and check your understanding. Doing problems from the lesson will fall into this category. MURDER is a very similar technique. It also use the same principals as SQ3R. I'll add a new article on MURDER soon. check this blog for new updates. Check out myblog for updates: www.pulasthi.info
  8. learning essentially has 3 steps. encoding, storing and decoding or retrieving. I added few practicle methods for effective learning in my blog (it talks about SQ3R and MURDER methods). If you are interested in getting more help on learning and strengthening your memory, you can email me at anytime. my blog: www.pulasthi.info
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