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  1. ahh thanks for the idea and confirmations guys
  2. i guess the key is: BECOMES. Since you never know what might happen(the next generation of internet?) you cannot say its impossible:doh: o yea and to iNow: we constantly reject our "math" and physics to improve, you never know, 1+1 could end up equalling to chicken.
  3. whats the name of this? .....CH3 ......| CH3CCH2CH2CHCH3 ......|...........| .....CH3.......CH3 ................../.\ .............CH3.CH3 please ignore the periods, i can't make normal spaces without making this weird. Is this 2,2 ,5,6 - tetramethlyheptane?
  4. so what kind of wire do i need? be specific with examples please
  5. what kind of wires at home can be used as a magnet wire? edit: wouldnt the magnet wire be attracted to the magnet? it should be normal copper wire with insulation IMO
  6. right now, im just using normal copper wire. im sure that the problem is at the insulation and/or the "magnet wire" which i have no idea what that is. the rest i got it covered. im building a beakman's dc motor btw
  7. i wanted to make one that does work, and that has a ring in the center, but im still not really sure about the wire part
  8. how do u build one?
  9. how do i make a dc motor? i know the materials, but im not really sure why its not spinning. I made it so it has a copper wired ring in the center with magnet at the bottom and a battery powering it. Is it the wires that led from the battery to the copper wire the problem or what?:confused:
  10. I keep getting these mixed up... Multiple Sex-linked any way to help separate them? give characteristics would be most helpful.
  11. 101 121 314 516 and the other is: WITNLIT_ look for the next in the sequence(what is it)
  12. hey, for all we know the universe could be a round ball just like Earth, and we're the tiny microorganism living in it. We're just a small piece of dirt for all we could gues
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