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  1. macscigirl

    What is it?

    Ring cleavage??????
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reynolds_number
  3. I second that statement! We're science lovers not sentence decoders!
  4. macscigirl

    What is it?

    Agreed, now who's gunna post another?! ps. Thanks iNow
  5. macscigirl

    What is it?

    I got nothin' then.
  6. macscigirl

    What is it?

    petroleum asphaltene? :/ don't reem me if I'm TOTALLY wrong please
  7. macscigirl

    What is it?

    no answer, hint pleaseeee!
  8. macscigirl

    What is it?

    I have been looking this up for awhile now and have come to the conclusion that a polycyclic aromatic molecule WITHOUT HYDROGEN leads to a headache and confusion!
  9. eh, he was dead weight. Pregnancy is treating me fine, makes me purrdier :D

  10. sorry to hear that he ran out on you. I hope the pregnancy is treating you well

  11. no lol my avitar was like that before :D so my stupid boyfriend ran out on me so I'm done with him for good now

  12. is your avatar anything to do with it?

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