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  1. do form things nessesary for us to live, give us any reasons why we as life forms really need things that are like scientific process to live, is it becuase we are around other people and they are looking at us and thinking about us and things while looking at us and we cannot see what they are doing to us,.. becuase personally i could think of things i want to do and see and smell with out tiny machines doing it 4 me!:cool:
  2. i know this will be taken as an act of defiance but i mean why knot everyone be a ben fraklin or thomas edison!?!:-p
  3. 3 single times in the 3 single directions, is what this sounds like to me!:doh:
  4. is where it is now,and the mass that makes up space will not really be able to be replaced, you must get all the original space back for it to fully be space no matter how far in time and lives journey you get if you want it to still be space that far in life i mean!>>
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