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  1. If your objective is to obtain a partner, then the obvious answer is no. At least no initially. If you walk up to someone and just randomly start talking about quantum mechanics, then it's going to seem like you think you're a genius or something. Arrogance, real or percieved, isn't the ideal quality for long-lasting relationships. After you know them, it really depends. Do they know about quantum mechanics? Does it interest them? Can you do it in a way that doesn't sound condescending? Same rules apply. Also, as a side note, this applies to literally any social situation.
  2. I read a paper on someone supposedly finding a "gay" gene which was referenced by numerous politicians, etc. However, it didn't pass peer review for reasons I forget. Something to do with confirmation bias, not so much actually proving it to be a gay gene. As for genetic structures, that's yet to be proven/disproven.
  3. WWE changed their name because of a trademark lawsuit with the World Wide Fund for Nature(WWF). And I don't think they should be forced to drop their News label. The ability to decide what is and isn't news is not a power I want in the hands of the government. That might as well be Trump's wet dream. "You get a fake news label, and you get a fake news label, and you get a fake news label....."
  4. I never said that's what I wanted. Dimreeper is in the habit of saying some random statement that ultimately means nothing. I was replying in turn. If you're gonna call me out for it being irrelevant, then call him out on it too.
  5. She doesn't think the almost 3,000 who died in 9/11 deserve theirs.
  6. I'll keep this statement in mind the next time someone claims the Republicans never bother to look at their own actions. Are the other candidates really advocating policies as progressive as his though?
  7. If I install a stupid thing on a computer just because I want to, and I get a virus on it that ruins it, I'm responsible for paying it. Yes, I made a "mistake", and I pay the consequences. In this case, actual money. If I forget to dot the I on a letter, and someone mistakes it for an L, then I simply explain it. Yes, I made a "mistake" and I pay the consequences. In this case, I have to explain it. If I rape someone, I got to jail. Yes, I made a "mistake", and I pay the consequences. In this case, I go to jail. If I leave the country and join a terrorist organization that beheads people, trades child sex slaves, and calls for the total destruction and enslavement of my country, I get kicked out of my country. Yes, I made a "mistake", and I pay the consequences. In this case, I get kicked out. @dimreepr We all make mistakes. However, not all mistakes are equal, and likewise, we're still responsible for our own actions. If you want to disagree with how it's handled, and feel she should get a trial(as she is), and that it should follow the law, then I'd agree. She deserves her trial. However, if you disagree with her getting consequences this severe for her actions, I'd disagree with you.
  8. I remember being a kid somewhere and someone told me we would run out of gold to put in our electronics eventually.(Now that I'm older I find it unlikely) Out of curiosity, was any plutonium created? Or is that not created when stars merge?
  9. This is the same exact type of bull shit false equivalence you have a habit of accusing anyone who disagrees with you of. That isn't what he said, and your repeated pathetic attempts to lie about what he says is disgusting. We can have a perfectly normal discussion without you constantly accusing him of trying to censor you, creating false equivalences, making up false narratives, derailing the thread, making a mountain out of a molehill, and making bogus assertions. To quote you:
  10. Do you have anything to add to this discussion besides repeatedly attacking J.C. MacSwell and flipping out on him for everything he says? FTFY
  11. Your definition of politically charged is telling the truth?
  12. So you were talking to Ten Oz? He was the only person who said anything prior to me.
  13. President calls the media an enemy of the people. It's inciting violence. Media makes jokes like "Where's John Wilke's Booth when you need him?" It's freedom of speech.
  14. Oh, so if Democrats denounce the violence, then they're all good. ALright. Republicans have denounced almost every single attack, including the one where pipe bombs were sent. So they're all good. Glad we can agree, so let's move on. People have been calling Trump "Hitler" and "Worse than Osama Bin Laden." Do you think people spreading those stories are unaware of the connection? If people calling AOC are actually trying to call for her to be killed, then so are the people calling Trump Hitler and Osama Bin Laden. Therefore, the whole lot of them should be thrown in jail. However, that doesn't fit your narrative. It's only one-sided where Republicans are advocating violence against Democrats. Pointing to "other sides" in direct response to a statement "It's only their side, not ours" is pointing out the hypocrisy that is there. The key to solving the underlying problem of those inciting violence is to acknowledge the problem exists, instead of denying it where it's not in your favor. I agree, a lot of what these people are saying is wrong. I haven't said it wasn't. I don't think anybody here is. But the fact that it's supposedly one side is utterly false, and I will point it out. Ah. One example was incorrect. Clearly, all 550 of them were just whataboutism.
  15. No. There is free speech. They're not there calling for death. Just because there are a bunch of idiots who try to blame the media for their actions, doesn't mean it's so. Everyone has individual responsibility for what they do. A Republican party office was burned to the ground. A Republican senator was beaten half to death in his yard. A Republican Congressional candidate was attacked by a man with a switchblade. There have been over 550 recorded physical attacks on Republicans* in the last year. But it's one side. *This is only counting ones where the motive was that they were Republicans. A random robbery against a republican doesn't count, for example. Does liberal-leaning media have the same responsibility? MSNBC's host declared Trump worse than Osama Bin Laden. We killed Osama Bin Laden, in case you didn't know. Or celeberties asking "Where's John Wilkes Booth when you need him?" But I'm sure she was just referencing peaceful protest there.
  16. I read the link. Citizenship can be revoked as long as she doesn't become stateless. At the moment, according to Bangladesh law, she is a citizen of Bangladesh. So if it comes down to who's doing something illegal, it's Bangladesh. Either way, your narrative that she can be punished with something that those over 21 can't be, is completely false. It has much less to do with age, and more to do with if you have citizenship to another country or not. She turned her back on the UK. 15 at the time or not, she committed treason, and she's been convicted of that by extension of confession.(She confessed to committing something that is known as treason. So it's a confession to committing treason by extension.) And finally, she doesn't want a citizenship to the UK. The second she lands on the ground, she'll be arrested, sentenced, and locked in prison for a significant period of time. According to her, she's shocked the UK would do something like this. She thinks it's unjust that the UK sees her as a threat. I mean. All she did was support ISIS. And say that the 22 civilians who died by a suicide bomber in her home country deserved it. How dare they? She's just an innocent little girl, after all. All these big mean men are just bullying her. Stateless or not, I don't see why the UK can't just revoke her citizenship.
  17. This is a complete red herring. She's not 2. Yes. Could you link me to the law that states this?
  18. Yes. Too many people attempting to reduce the responsibility of others to accept the consequences of their actions.
  19. The UK's high treason is defined as this: "Offences constituting high treason include plotting the murder of the sovereign; committing adultery with the sovereign's consort, with the sovereign's eldest unmarried daughter, or with the wife of the heir to the throne; levying war against the sovereign and adhering to the sovereign's enemies, giving them aid or comfort; and attempting to undermine the lawfully established line of succession." And I agree. She deserves a trial to determine the punishment. But until then, she's already been convicted of high treason against the United Kingdom.
  20. And she will. It's already in the process.
  21. He was referring to what she did. She didn't simply make an opinion. She acted upon that opinion and supported a declared enemy of the United Kingdom. That is treason. Except this is a red herring. Because this is not the case. The evidence is not secret, her parent's citizenship is not being revoked, and it's not suspected actions. It's real actions.
  22. Yes. Some teenage boys rape girls. What teenager hasn't made a mistake? Whether you consider it a mistake or not, you should live with the consequences of your actions. That's called responsibility.
  23. Sorry. I took you saying this: As saying that Trump/his administration was laying groundwork. Neptune's Teacup rears it's head again. The burden of proof is on you to prove that it was done by the Trump Administration. Either way, why would Trumps administration be sponsoring ads for the UK? As I pointed out before, Facebook allows you to select your target demographic, and it won't show ads to someone outside the set region. So to me, that's enough to say it's not being sponsored by the Trump Administration.
  24. How so? No. It doesn't make you socialist. Before you give into fear and irrationality of that ad being a pre-lude of world war 3 or something, perhaps you should take a step back and think it through for a moment. You're scared of a video explaining why primarily socialist countries are failing. Why? It seems like you've bought into the idea that just because someone opposes socialism makes them an evil capitalist nazi or something. I mean read what you've said. You already think of people who oppose socialism as only supporting healthcare, education, and food for the rich. Do you really have absolutely no idea what that's about? Brainwashing conspiracies now? This is a forum of science, is it not? The FB algorithm isn't so basic that it doesn't identify by region. It knows what country you're in. I've worked with it before, you can literally select states, regions, countries, or distances to a certain point for the ad to show. Come on iNow. You, as much as anyone, know's to fact check this stuff. The advertisement was not sponsored by the Trump Administration in order to prepare for a 2020 election. There's no way you really think Trump is as far right as Nazi Germany was. That's just straight out insulting to millions of people who genuinely suffered and died under them for you to even compare it to that. Additionally, you're way to paranoid about Trump planning some grand war or something. You do realize we're still a democracy, and that you need to get the support of the president and congress to launch an offensive war in any meaningful manner? You're about as bad as all the far right extremists in terms of fear mongering.
  25. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/hip-replacement/ From the link: A hip replacement is a major surgery, so is normally only recommended if other treatments, such as physiotherapy or steroid injections, haven't helped reduce pain or improve mobility. This is similar to what I said. They don't typically cover it. They'll often prescribe pain medication instead. Note, I didn't say they'll never cover it. I just said they typically don't. However this is off topic and I"m not going to reply further than this. My point was that it wasn't as simple as DrP made it out to be.
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