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    Physics, engineering, space, science in general with the exception of biology, and most of all: everything that I find interesting.
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  1. I've paid off my non-existent student loan! Whoo hoo! Party at my house!!!! (I.E. I just passed having enough money saved up that my entire college education is paid for in advance).

    1. MigL


      Save a little more, Raider; life is always throwing you curve balls.
      But don't forget to have a little fun along the way.

    2. J.C.MacSwell


      Congrats Raider and good advice MigL. Easier said than done of course...and you can't account for every eventuality...but a little extra in the bank can allow saving it again many times over...in mental health as well as dollars.

    3. Raider5678


      The rest I'm going to start putting into the stock market. Obviously the highest risk stocks I can possibly find!(Joking. Low-risk long-term stocks like the S&P500 ).

      Well. Once I'm 18 at least. Apparently the feds don't trust 16 year old's to invest money.

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