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  1. My father has died from Malaria. It was quick, but the next few weeks are gonna be tough.

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    2. Phi for All

      Phi for All

      So sorry to hear this, Raider. I didn't know him, but I know he was proud of you. Enormous loss, my heart goes out to you.

    3. Raider5678


      Thank you.

      He has several memorials dedicated to him actually. He was a missionary and died when he went over to Africa to build a women's refuge. So he has a memorial there. He spent 3 months in Brazil once building homes for those in need, and he has a memorial at the school he worked at here in the USA. I attended the last funeral just a few hours ago.

    4. Hypsibius


      My heart goes to you. I'm sorry about your loss Raider.