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  1. I first got interested in the math of cryptography in 2006. I stated a logarithmic spiral could be manipulated to find a pattern in Prime numbers. Geometrically I couldn’t make it happen. However, I am now reading a book and found that Gauss tried to relate a pattern of Prime numbers logarithmically.

    I also read that if you find a pattern in Prime numbers you disprove the Riemann Hypothesis. I don’t know why but for some reason it only works if Prime numbers are random. Then I thought, “what kind of pattern.” You know they say, “One man’s random sequence is another man’s pattern.” And a pattern is in the eye of the beholder.

    As I have stated in my “simple yet interesting” post I claim to have proven the Pappy Craylar Hypothesis and in the proof a pattern of Primes can be found. Of course, I completely understand why no one believes me. It sounds simple yet interesting enough, but not believable. If it were true I would have just rendered most encryption useless to claim a million dollar prize. Even to me that sounds unbelievable. Not that my work can actually do that, but I think it is a new way to think of Prime numbers. But I think to find a pattern in Prime numbers Trumps the need for new key generations.

    I know ahead of time I will get posts that the Pappy Craylar Conjecture can’t do what I say. I just want people to work it through. To get people to read your work Trumps them laughing at you.

    All things considered if there is credibility to my work, I could get it published. That is why I post it; so a cryptographer can try it. Anyone how can do basic algebra and may have some programming knowledge can test it.

    So I challenge you to download the PDF.

    1. studiot


      Yes of course there are patterns to be found in the distribution of the primes.

      Why is that suprising?

      I have no idea what post you are referring to but the proper place for discussion is not here but in a new thread.

    2. joigus


      "Then I thought, 'what kind of pattern.' You know they say, 'One man’s random sequence is another man’s pattern.' And a pattern is in the eye of the beholder." --I quote.

      Interesting. Why don't you make it a thread, as @studiot suggested?

      A suggestive appetizer for the Riemann hypothesis and Gauss' musings to himself (he was very secretive about some of his more speculative work):



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