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  1. No it's full genome sequencing 10x deep. Www.fullgenomes.com I am suffering under a condition called homosexuality. In my case it's biological pathological. I do look very weird and I get sometimes a red face. That's so strange. No some gays like me do REALLY have any fucked up genes. Perhaps I do have a de novo mutation that causes it. So I will sequence my parents genomes, too. You get it?
  2. I let sequence my entire DNA for only 700 $. Great idea?
  3. Two unrelated people of the same gender do look different, they have a different face morphology. Now I am asking me how many SNPs do determine the big part of the difference when it come to face morphology. I don't think SO many SNPs are responsible for the difference in face morphology. I guess ca. 2000 until 4000 SNPs are responsible for the difference in face morphology. This would make up only 0,0001% of the DNA sequence! What do you believe?
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