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  1. I have an excellent memory. I remember little details that can amaze my family. My memories are often as vivid as the experience I once had. However, my memory does have holes in it as I was never diagnosed with Hyperthymesia or any superior autobiographical memory. I forget short term stuff all the time. Yet I was talking to my mother. 4 events in my life; I have no recollection of. My mother told me and when I tried to bring up the memory, I drew a complete blank. They are 1. Seeing Finding Nemo with my best friend and his mother and my mother and then going to McDonalds and meeting a nutty women who would later become very frequently seen in my life. 2. Seeing Mulan with my fathers friends kids in the theater while my paternal grandmother stayed over. 3. Going to my maternal great grandmothers for an impromptu Christmas celebration and my aunt ordering calamari. 4. This is actually unknown to my mother but exists based on logic. The last time I saw my aforementioned aunt before she stopped talking to my parents. Anyway, when I try to “remember” these events; absolutely nothing comes up in my minds eye. I try really hard to focus and nothing. It’s very frustrating because everything else is pretty clear. My question is. Were these event memories deleted from my brain or are they still in there, just inaccessible by current means? Or is it possible they were never memories to begin with? Why weren’t they recorded if such?
  2. I was watching John Michael Godier and he said that a possible technosignature that could indicate alien life would be a star that had an unnatural composition. I know the heaviest element a star can fuse naturally is iron but scientists have discovered Przybylski’s star which contains traces of plutonium. I personally think it’s NOT a technosignature and I am thinking of writing a story and I was wondering what element would never exist in a natural star and would have to be created artificially. Does anyone know what that element could be?
  3. It’s very common in this society that you see men (and sometimes women) being very attracted to someone of the opposite sex (or even the same sex) and the person generally tends to not always feel an attraction back, especially with men liking women. Every girl I liked; wanted nothing to do with me. Why would I be attracted to someone who isn’t genetically capable of liking me? It just seems like an evolutionary flaw. Is their a science theory behind why so many times the attraction isn’t mutual?
  4. I sucked at learning languages but I really want to learn conversational French. Learning a new language has always been cited as something that can change your brain and based on the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, your native language influences your thoughts. I think this is correct as I listened to a song in Spanish with English translations, and it really didn't make sense to me. Yet it rhymes and sounds good in Spanish Anyway, lets say I become fluent in French. What would change in my brain, if an EEG was done on my brain before I start studying and again after I master it, if anything.
  5. Well I did read they everyone remembers things differently, but if all the pieces are their and you can recall it, its probably a real memory.
  6. Well. It’s hard to say. My memory is very strange. I don’t remember every single day but I do remember many specific moments from all parts of my young life (27 years). Sometimes people are amazed at how much I remember. Yet some times it isn’t always good and I suffer from cryptoamnesia when it comes to Sci fi science related to Star Wars.
  7. I don't have a photographic or eidetic memory but I have an extremely good memory for details and information. I can remember the plots of books I read years ago, and dialogue and scenes from movies. I remember things from as far back as 2 years of age with strong clarity. I can even remember obscure conversation topics I had years ago, dreams I had years ago, and even feelings I've had at certain ages. When I say feelings, I mean my perspectives based on my age. How I felt the time I liked a girl, things that seemed bigger or more challenging when I was younger like giving up the bottle or pacifier etc. I also get aggravated when people repeat things as I have remembered what they said. Don't get me wrong; I forget things like everybody else but I was curious as to why my recall is so good. My IQ is only slightly above average and I suck at math. My brother probably has an way above average IQ; he can do physics and fix electronics but his memory is awful. He even says "I don't remember what I had for breakfast today." What is different about our brains? Do I have more neurons? Are certain parts of my brain thicker or bigger?
  8. I was reading the description for Retro Sci Fi Tales #9 and it mentions in the description that their is a science fair in Paris in a fictitious 1800’s universe with a telescope that can see the surfaces of planets in other galaxies. Now Neil deGrasse Tyson said using the sun itself as a lens could allow us to see the atmospheres of exoplanets in our home galaxy. I however would be curious to take it up a notch and see exoplanets in other galaxies; essentially an intergalactic telescope. Speculatist and pseudo-futurist Isaac Arthur mentioned on his channel that a lens made of dark matter could warp spacetime and allow this but he did not really go into detail and someone on Yahoo Answers said the dark matter lens would have to be the size of a galaxy. That’s no good. Way too big. I’m trying to think of a Sci-fiy way to explain a telescope (perhaps a large mountainside one) that can see intergalacticly. I haven’t established the upper limits of its range but I’m sure it cannot see all galaxies in the universe; just the ones near the Milky Way like Andromeda. What pseudo-science grounded in some real believable science can I use to make this telescope for my Sci fi story?
  9. What are some things that the Star Wars society doesn’t have that makes no sense?
  10. I’ve been wondering about science and scientific progression in the Star Wars universe. Even though people have pointed out that Star Wars is science fantasy and doesn’t care about science- that really isn’t true. Scientists are mentioned all the time in Star Wars. The society runs on science just like ours does. The stories were are shown are those of a religious order so science obviously takes a backseat but even the Jedi use technology. Lightsabers aren’t made out of wood! I just wonder what could be the next thing in science that scientists in Star Wars can pursue. They had FTL for millennia. You would logically think that whatever sci fi stuff you isn’t exist is fair game like teleportation and time travel BUT both those two things are something all people (sentient beings) have wanted since the beginning of time so the fact that they don’t exist must mean they tried and those things are impossible. Star Wars does have nanotech. It’s mentioned in several mediums so you would think that the logical next step would be pico and femtotechnology but the whole midichlorian thing makes me think it’s impossible. I also don’t really believe you can go smaller in the real world either. Matter replication and simulated reality seem to be good bets and I bet both exist BUT I bet the former exists and they won’t let it hit market because it would destabilize the economy and lead to a post-scarcity society like Star Trek. The latter also probably exists but probably isn’t healthy; may only exist for rich people on rich planets or just isn’t spoken about. That being said: What could be worked on by scientists in Star Wars.
  11. I was wondering if you could help me with something. Over the last few months, I've been editing the "List of hypothetical technologies" page on Wikipedia. I am terrible at picking so I was wondering if you could choose something from the list that could fit well in Star Wars. It's ok if you pick more than one. If you don’t have the patience to read my list; that’s ok. Everything is cited if you don’t know what it is. I'm looking for something -Hasn't appeared in Star Wars (as far as you know) -Something that would not contradict the Force -Something that would not be crazy expensive and resource consuming (I say this because many megastructures are on the list) -Something that would not change EVERYTHING -Something worth doing Some of them already appear in Star Wars or don't apply to that universe. Filter through them Here's the link to the list https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_hypothetical_technologies Thanks so much!!!!
  12. I’m looking for an amateur blog online that talks postulates a future/sci-fi tech/science/Idea/Concept in the style of an “of the Week” feature. I already watch Isaac Arthur but I want something I can read. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in English (I can translate it), it just has to be ongoing as of now, consistent and creative. Some ideas can be broad; others unique and specific. Every week at the least.
  13. I’m writing a story about a scientist in the Star Wars galaxy and he wins the Star Wars equivalent of a Nobel Prize. Do you have a Nobel prize thing my scientist can study that’s SUPER advanced and almost like Science 2.0. It doesn’t have to be super technobabbly and I’d like to avoid time travel, teleportation or parallel universes because those things conflict with the Force and could damage the story.
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