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  1. dont be a fool Btw I got called as faxxot by many people. This hurts my feeling
  2. I dont smile, I just have my mouth open, because I am an Idiot, too.
  3. Yes there are Genes in the human Genome which influence human sexual orientation. And yes hormones(Neurosteroids) change the epigenetic mechanism of the brain and body. I am extremly suffering under my sexual orientation. My face is the living truth, that sexual orientation has a biolocal explanation. And btw I habe exome sequenced(80x) my Genome. I also have full genome sequenced my genome(50x). And 3 times genotyped by 23andme. There is 100% certain that biological there is some flawed in my case. Sexual orientation is neurobiological, genetic and or epigenetic organized.
  4. Is he really smart? I mean Donald Trump has really believed that Obama wasn't born in the USA. Or the fact how he behaves doesn't seem very intelligent to me. Like the case where he attecked Arnold Schwarzenegger because of the show, although he was at a prayer event for antisemetism! Hu? He won't be POTUS for a long time.
  5. Ballot paper. I always read "toilet paper".
  6. Education isn't enought. What does really dramatically lower, is when a society does not have any believe of how to found a family with children. I want to say is after second world war we had in west europe very high birth rates of 3 to 4 children per woman!!! This was in a time of economic booming. You explanation that education can't be right, because west europe was already highly educated and civilised at this time. My brain just realised moments ago what the real reason for our low birth rates are. Its liberalisation. Modern society do not pressure anymore that you have to marry very young and create children. My grandpa told me when he was young it was expected by family and friends that you marry early and create children. This "single live" was indirect not accepted by society. Very conservative times, indeed. Urghh... Most women were hisewives and didn't have a job.
  7. I do withdraw my statmemt. Perhaps there is more we can not understand.
  8. I am so glad that we have direct democracy on municipally level and semi direct democracy on canton and national level. That is something that is very worthy right we Swiss citizen indeed have. Very weird for me that in the rest of the world people have nothing to say like in Saudia Arabia or Iran. Or in Turkey where a delusional idiot is transforming the country into a islamic dictatorship.
  9. There is no meaning of life. Life is meaningless. That is why commiting suicide is not morally wrong philosophically, its only wrong in the eyes of religion and social comtext. Even commiting suicide is not bad biological viewed. I mean even our own cells can commit suicide.
  10. Soul is only a illusion of the human mind as same as time is an illusion.
  11. Through direct democracy we can controll here in Switzerland what the politicans in Berne or in the 26 cantonal parliaments are deciding. Referendums ARE democractic. Of course the population should be educated. Do you know what for me is not democratic: the current USA. It seems weird for me that the US-Americans have to decide between a republican or democratic president. Also the fact how serious problems in the USA do not get solved by politicans like gun problem or health insurance problem. Referendum do indeed show the will of the population as you could see with the gay marriage referendum in Ireland. Russia's society is not homophobic since Putin has put in this anti-gay law. They were homophobic even before Putin even was president.It is the same with antisemitism in Germany during Hitler. Hitler did not make the population hating jews. This hate against Jews was omnipresent even before Hitler was in power.
  12. As a Swiss I can understand why the EU is so unpopular. I mean it is very undemocratic and buracratic. Despite this I am not sure if this will have good outcomes for UK to leave the EU. But I have to say that most Europeans do not want to have a European superstate.
  13. Oil fracking also would get relegalized if ttip comes! Currently Oil fracking is not legal in Europe.
  14. As you can see only US-citizen are pro TTIP, while me(Swiss) you(English) and one man from New Zealand is against. We only lose whith this free trade association. BTW once again you can see how undemocratic the EU institution in Brussel is. This is issue that should be cleared through a referendum! I hope it won't pass.
  15. Der_Neugierige


    I have watched a german comedy show with the topic TTIP. I guess most Europeans do not want a free trade asociation with the USA. Very shocking for me even that in the USA asbestos is not banned!!! Even more they(us food industries and us-farmers) want GMO food exported to Europe thanks this shitty free trade association. Also very shocking for is that in the USA chicken desinfectized with chorid!Yuck! That's illegal here.
  16. Americans are so psycho when it comes to guns. I call this "nation-psychosis".
  17. There is a video clip where Conan O'Brien creates a utopic sandwich, which is meant as a joke. One you tube comment was that you shouldn't play with food, because in African children die cause of starvation. I believe this comment has no meaning, because if you waste your food or not doesn't matter children in Africa still die. Stores and supermarkets have to dump their unsold food(a big amount by the way). In Switzerland and also in America this is the case. But not in France anymore. Last year they changed the law. All French stores have to recycle, compost or donate their unsold food. That's good in my opionion. I wished we also had the law here in Switzerland.
  18. Oh please stay calm. My mother is Italian and my father's mother was from Poland. We have 24% of the population who are not Swiss. 5% of population is muslim, mostly from Turkey, Bosnia or Kosovo. We also have a lot black people.
  19. Exactly that is not the case in Switzerland. Our system doesn't know a limit for deductions. In Germany they have a limit. In Switzerland it is possible to be a "tax free citizen". That is why our system is more liberal and open. There even was a article on tages anzeiger online with the title Tax deductions until to be a tax free citizen. In this article tjey wrote that 1/3 of the citizen living in Geneva do not pay any taxes because of tax deductions.
  20. We have in our neighbourhood a religious family, who has 5 children. Only the father of this family works. He is gardener and you can guess gardener do not earn a lot of money. My father said this family doesn't pay any taxes or only a little.
  21. I pretty sure sexual orientation is processed in the hypothalamus. This is good to know for me.
  22. They have tax deductions but not so "open" as we have in Switzerland. Per child you get tax deduction of 6500 CHF. This means if you have 5 children, you theoretically don't pay any taxes. If you use the public transport system and you buy general abonnament, which costs 6000 CHF, you can indeed deduce these 6000 CHF from the taxes. If you buy a bicycle(because in summer you take your bicycle) for 3000 CHF and you also buy a general abonnament in the same year, you can deduce both cost from the taxes. It's more liberal and "open" compared to Germany or France.
  23. For most people tax is taken directly from the salary by the employer.Exactly this is not the case here in Switzerland. We get each year tax records we have to fill out. My father normally sits 30 min until 1 hour for filling out the documents. Its annoying but you can save money.But I know the Germans and French do not have tax deductions. It goes even more weird in Sweden health care is paid per taxes and paid directly by the employer. As a Swiss I am not fan of their system. That's also the case here in Switzerland. As far as I know they are currently very low, almost zero procent.
  24. I didn't know that we have a very unique tax system here in Switzerland. You can lower your taxes if 1. You have children 2. You use childcare or a nanny 3. You are married and both parents work 4. You donate to a charity 5. You donate to a politcial party 6. You are a disabled person 7. You have to pay alimony 8. you have interest on savings deposits(that is actually almost nothing in these times) And some more tax deductions... My father told me we are the only one in Europe who has such a liberal tax system, what about USA. In Germany, Italy or France the taxes are automatically paid with the income, they have not the possibility for tax deductions. And in the USA? A month ago I bought stocks. 1500 CHF for Swiss RE and 3000 CHF for Nestle. I our tax system we have to pay taxes for our stocks we own. And in the USA you also have your stocks taxed?
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