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  1. People insult because of my poor English skills, people arent serious to admit that my homosexuality is caused by a inborn biological problem, get rude comments etc. I absolutly dont need that, sorry! Self relevtion of what? Did I insult someone? Did I say scientic BS? What self reflection? At Swantson please delete my account!
  2. This forum annoys me. Is there a way to delete my account, because YOU piss me off.
  3. Of course its divide in three language. Its the same with Canada and Quebec Tere will always be a French Canada and English Canada. But this has to do with language and culture. I was talking about ethnic background.
  4. We have a lot of immigrants here, we arent an monoethic country anymore.
  5. We have Arfrican Asian immigrants.
  6. Wont change my style only to make you happier.
  7. Hormonal yes, genetic yes environment no! otherwise do explain what environment can influence sexual orientation? There is none its inborn!
  8. I want conversations comments not votes. you say to push some people back? And do you explain that in the past homophic OPs didnt change their mind despite down votes?
  9. I have deleted it prior. My country has always been immigration country. Switzerland is not homogenetic society anymore! Bigger society like Germans or French are more homogenic.
  10. Yes Swiss officials have apologized.
  11. Sorry, My English is lousy. But you are right it can be exhausting.
  12. I believe the fact that people vore for creatures like Trump I do see the as true.
  13. This votings are kindergarten. I give zero value if my comment are seen negative.
  14. Do you see how religion cause harm in history?
  15. Today I learned that I am better off dead. Because my homosexuality is pathological(biological issue,neurobiological problem). I coulnt even go in front of a camera because of my looking/face. like if I wanted to create an international song I couldnt because of my face! People would look at my face and think ,,faxxot“! Ouch! I couldnt become a director neither because when I sit in front of a camera(late show) people would look at my face and think this guy looks weird ugly!!! Thats too much for me! my homosexuality had a deeper biological issue and leads to problems!
  16. My comments get lot of down votes so also my profile. Do you know what? I am proud of that! Because thats the proof that I say thing people dont like to hear.
  17. Science can not do everything. Some things are not possible like making an autistic person to a non autistic person, even if we would understand the biology behind it. and very recently this ,,gene therapy“ thing. If you have read this story about this very expensive gene therapy (Zolgesma)from Novartis. Now they figured out that it doesnt cure spinal muscular antrophy! science can not do everything, you see the very well when it comes to biological/medical issues. Humans are not monkeys! These genetic mutations which happened between these millions years totally made our brain distinct from monkeys. Yes Americans love to critized other nations when it comes to human rights and morality. But they still have death penality, their CIA used torture, still have Guantanamo, start stupid wars and rascism issues.
  18. No hate. This just came in my mind yesterday. Did you see, I upvoted your comment.
  19. What I wanna say Americans arent better at all. They also have dirt at their hands. The same with the Brits. And they really did historically crimes. Dont point with your fingers at few nations, while you arent better! No. But it annoys me how YOU believe you are morally better than other nations.
  20. What I ment this hypocrisi. Blame the Germans at the same time they discriminated the black population?
  21. Why did the Americans look down the Germans, although in US there was rasicm and discrimination of the black population? why nobody talks about the crimes the Brits did during colonial era? I am Swiss and we have paid back the money to the Jews. We have to learn in school what we did. What about the potato genocide of the Irish people. Did the Brits have said sorry?
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