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    Does anyone have a good design for a paramotor? And are there any good alternatives to a flying vehicle that can also carry other humans other than planes and helicopters (That is also as cheap to build)?
  2. Back from weird stuff

    1. Tzurain


      Just realized I haven't been here for a year.

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      Welcome back!

  3. Any ideas how to make it fly? .w.
  4. The whole suit is an will be an electromagnet so the user, can control which part of the suit will have magnetic material. Not sure how it's possible to interface this though. (As in control which parts will activate etc)
  5. I was thinking of somehow superconducting the air? Since magnets can levitate above a superconducting material. Not sure how though.
  6. Tzurain


    Hi there! Maybe this article might help. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/3296579/New-twist-on-plants-that-grow-in-spirals.html "A reason for twistiness has now been pinpointed to proteins that are involved in directing the formation of plant cell walls." "When the (a) mutant protein is present, cells twist in the same direction. The overall effect is an anticlockwise spiral. Another mutant protein causes the cells to twist in the opposite direction."
  7. I still have my hopes up Sure. :3
  8. Greetings everyone. If you happen to be reading this thread, does anyone of you have any ideas on building an Iron Man Suit? The suit should include: -Ventilation -Propulsion -Energy Source -Information Access -Others you can think of I'm doing a compilation of ideas, and might make one if possible Your ideas can be wacky if they want to be, but preferably following the laws of current scientific theory. :3 Thanks for your help ^^
  9. The format goes as below, I believe. -Day -Time put to bed -Time fell asleep (estimation) -Time woke up -Nightmare or dreams (If any)
  10. Back from a long holiday (3 days)

  11. Now with a Top Hat.

  12. It's always a possibility. Here's an article about crows being intelligent. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2590046/Crows-intelligent-CHILDREN-Study-reveals-birds-intelligence-seven-year-old.html
  13. Tzurain

    War in Ukraine

    On a half related note, a Malaysian passenger aircraft was shot down at eastern Ukraine, during the war. (This year) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malaysia_Airlines_Flight_17
  14. It's actually got to do with temperature. Fuels at different temperature have different densities. The density of gasoline (C8H18) is 0.694 g / cm^3 at 300 K and 0.622 g / cm^3 at 400 K. Hoped I helped. :3
  15. Being scared is playing into terrorism hands, as the purpose of true terrorism is to induce fear or terror.
  16. Celestial motion, or celestial mechanics, is the study of motions of celestial objects, for example how the moon moves, or how Jupiter orbits. Celestial objects usually two different types of motion. 1. The first motion is diurnal , where the whole celestial sphere, and all of the celestial objects attached to it, rotates uniformly from east to west once every 24 (sidereal) hours, about a fixed axis passing through the earth's north and south poleson. It's due to the earth's daily rotation. As well as that, the diurnal motion preserves the relative angular positions of all celestial objects. 2. Certain celestial objects, such as the sun, the moon, and the planets, possess a second motion, superimposed on the first, which causes their angular positions to slowly change relative to one another, and to the fixed stars. This intrinsic motion of objects in the solar system is due to a combination of the earth's orbital motion about the sun, and the orbital motions of the moon and the planets about the earth and the sun, respectively. I hope I helped ^^
  17. May I ask the purpose of the experiment? To record the sky?
  18. The question is quite unclear. Can you rephrase it please? I think, err... the suns gravity keeps earth in orbit..
  19. They theoretically wouldn't be any because any physical heights achieved would rather be due to the organisms anatomy and structure. If there would be any chemicals, then the chemicals would have to affect the structure of the (For this example a human) body, to have (for example) stronger bones. And for your 'strength' bit, we already have 'muscle steroids' , which rapidly develops your muscle in a (relatively) unhealthy way. But they aren't really referred to as chemicals, but rather, hormones. I think this question is best asked in the Biology area rather than the chemistry sector. http://www.steroid.com/Muscle-Building-Steroids.php - Examples of "Steroids for muscle" http://animals.pawnation.com/structure-kangaroos-legs-9727.html - Why Kangaroos can jump high (Leg structure, not "chemicals")
  20. I suppose it could help. Not sure about salt, but drinking a lot of water will definitely help. Even if you might go to the loo due to the excess water, it will bring body fluid to an optimal level, thus keep you hydrated. In my opinion, it's probably a placebo, if you think it slows down dehydration through out the day, then it most probably will.
  21. The brain is a relatively a delicate thing, and any temperament on the brain might result in mental injury or death. However, there's a good chance synaptic formations can be rewired in the future. Here's a link to an experimentation model : http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3099477/
  22. It's good to be green, but Highly inefficient, and time wasting. I have entered a green technology course, and learned many things, and of the things I have learned is that takes around 1 hour of 'solar recharging' to move a toy car for around 10 minutes at best. It would also be dependent to the time of day, only being able to recharge during the day and not at night. Not only that, geographic position matters too. Is the area a cloudy area? Does it get hit by direct sunshine a lot? Does it rain often? Low energy output too, so if an individual wants to make a robot that uses solar energy, he would either have to add a more stronger source of energy or somehow use the energy given efficiently enough to do things. Probable. A sound feature could be added too, where it can detect pitch, amplitude and frequency. That'd help improve the robot loads.
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