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  1. I read a book ( patanjali yoga sutra ).... at one point of mediation ... time freeze...and the person become independent of time......since this is topic of time.. i thought of posting it....no hard feeling ... but a food for wise minds...I really don't understand how that could happen....possible ?
  2. So we all with fellow human being rather then alien ?
  3. to me religion is so called shop.. which try to sell the so-called GOD .. patent and owned by them.... when we human overcome this kind of mentality.....remember.. thousand of people across globe running business in the name of GOD... they just don't work but living life on the hardworking human earnings.... the worst part is that these shops divide humanity.... GOD is a personal thing.. faith is personal thing.. belief is personal thing.. lets not market it...stand and protect humanity ....there are thousands of living good people around lets start caring them first.. just care .. not for sa
  4. I like it....Philosophy is like fluke in the dark .. ( pardon me .. this is not to hurt )... if it hit it become theory... else who cares.....but I still feel this is needed.... someone need to think beyond where everything else stops..... coming to back the point.. Truth here is not ,how to describe .. label may be different and doesn't matter until it points to same ... but the truth means that doesn't vary or change with time........
  5. thats true......living in a shell is easy but it is living in shell...... looks like science ( rather scientists ) are honest person rather than true person...they describe exactly what they observer and measure.....got an ancient example ...a blind person touches the elephant and start describing it...and if he touches tail only... he describe elephant like a rope......which is correct .. because by bring other people( of his kind ) and make them touch the tail of elephant.. and everyone say... yes... unless someone reach to the tail end and touch the leg... and then description of elep
  6. Do we have scientific definition of truth(1).. hypothesis, postulates, thesis and theory... to be proven... or already proven by models and experiments or using mathematical tools...and as we inch further... we redefine.. so we refine truth rather one inch near to truth (2) ...can we say science is the quest to find truth (3) ....if not all ,most will say yes...and what if we found the truth .. there will no more be science(4)... it become final words(5)...... or .. we keep on fining the truth .. which is not definable(6). .. any comments
  7. looks like we are moving around the question..... the answer is that we can't tell we wre in dream unless we come out it... a much similar analogi is that how do i know someone know he/she in a box.. when that person had not a single glimps of the outside the box image... may be simplification purpose you consider a box a very big.. person was born there ... and never ever had a chance to come out of that...
  8. our destiny is written every moment.. as we act..... it's like a karma- time frame of working... we get what we do.. and the ripple of our doing echo in the future...i.e destiny.....so by doing a act.. we write out destiny .. so determine the outcome ( chance of happening a particular event ) .. "so as we act.. we write our destiny as well"....we are free to choose our act... but as we co-exist with others...it is the vector sum that form the resultant... hell and heaven are undefined in science ... but as per my understanding... everything is here and you have to live your acts ( karma) her
  9. So moving forward.....when we are dreaming, ....dream world is a real world.... everything looks real.there... when the dream is broken... we come back to the plane where we feel that we are awaken....with known place and known people ...isn't that possible that we switch from one virtual reality to another virtual reality ?... in one big virtual reality... we have glimpse of another short virtual reality ...if say by definition... Dream is a virtual reality ... then life is also a virtual reality... because except time period everything is same....( Dream - very short ...say few minutes
  10. 1.Believe that it's reasonable to believe in a Personal God? Yes, My personal God is my Karma.. the effect of good and bad karma keeps me on right doing.... I do not do any shoe polish of any personal GOD beyond 2.Believe that God affects things through Quantum Mechanics? No Necessary , we carry our karma like the positive and negative field... ( technical not very sure how it works) but may be quantum mechanics or an undentified feild could be reason , how our destiny is controlled by our karma. 3.Thoughts on an Afterlife? No comments, met lot of people who saw Ghost, hear
  11. once we came out of the dream... we know we were dreaming... but question here is that when in dream itself how do i know i am dreaming .....
  12. Impossible things... is also a matter of frame of time.. yesterday/yesteryear which was not possible .. but possible now.. so when a person is in dream.. How he/she can make a judgement that event happening is impossible or possible....if he/she can make that out he is already in awaken state... in dream ... I can't stop and rewind the dream... only once awaken I can do that probably and then it become imagination rather ...
  13. Sir, a little chap troubled me with this question.......question and answer are both looks correct....This is why I posted in The Lounge ...
  14. Simple answer is yes,...in blue color.... in red color.. in black color..... :) read this ... this is written "in blue color"
  15. Good question....I beg your pardon ... But you should ask now why .... why you need.anything..... then probably you got your answer as well..... what is answer to why.... i suggest you should ask yourself why first....
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