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  1. Hey everyone. As the title suggests, I have recently received a unique opportunity to participate in summer research at any reputable institution within the United States and it's territories. While I initially believed this to be an easy choice to make, I am beginning to find it difficult to decide on where to go. While I would like to keep the exact specifics of the program unknown, I can share that the research would be within the field of biomedical research. I realize that this is an incredibly broad field and that one person's experience somewhere could be radically different from an
  2. Hey SFN community. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to sample the exact same set of points within a yeast colony. I am trying to sample points from the center to the outer edge of a perfect circular yeast colony. The issue if trying to determine where the exact center is. If you need any more details, please let me know. Michael
  3. Even though they would have a "purpose" in life (serving humans), determining their own purpose through self-reflection may be difficult. To simplify, understanding "What is the meaning of life?".
  4. Hey everyone, I would like to hear everyones opinion on using Netlogo within the field of Biology as a tool for modeling emerging phenomenon? I have read quite a few papers on the benefits, so I am more interested in the possible negatives but would still like to hear whatever might be contributed. Michael
  5. Also ask your friend why all the other celestial bodies we can observe are round.
  6. That's hilarious knyazik! I wonder if this is where the funniest joke of all time started from? Religion.
  7. Fascinating stuff. And what method would best accomplish the flushing of a PuR water filter Charon? So the next logical question to ask; which one is more harmful? A condensed soup of microorganisms or the possible contaminants I am trying to remove by filtering in the first place?
  8. I looked for it today and could not find it but will continue my search to the other libraries around town. Thanks for the input!
  9. This is why I tell people that they are voting for puppets and to choose the best puppeteer....
  10. My response was to a series studiot, not a sequence. My fault. I found today what I was missing. They are helpful in solving equations for which integration cannot be performed. I also learned that a harmonic series refers only to one specific series, not a collection. Also, the reason for determining partial sums was also made clearer. I found it strange that I was having so much difficulty, but found out from one of my math professors that entire classes are spent on dealing with these topics and that my initial confusion is somewhat warranted.
  11. This brought me slightly closer to understanding Unity. Divergent. I have studied series and sequences for quite some time now and am only having trouble putting the mathematical concepts into words. Usually, I am able to explain something to others but cannot do so when it comes to deciphering series and sequences. I know all of the definitions and have access to all the information regarding their notation. But I think it is the notation that is causing the confusion. I can easily memorize the rules but if I don't understand the whys I will fail miserably in my upper level m
  12. What I am looking for is an explanation using only words. Specifically, why limits and integrals play a role and how you can determine just by looking at a series or sequence what steps you will need to take to determine whether or not it converges.
  13. I am having difficulty with infinite series and sequences within calculus. I am not quite sure where the difficulty is stemming from. I understand the general idea but when it comes to knowing when to utilize the comparison test, divergence test, integral test, ect., I cannot seem to make things click. I am hoping for a user friendly explanation. If this is too vague, I am happy to clarify specifics.
  14. As the name suggests, I am hoping for members to share topics that are the focus and discussion among scientists right now in cell biology. I am interested in synthetic biology, which I believe falls in this category and would like to learn about others. Specifics and examples are not required but certainly welcomed.
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