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  1. well guess what if you saw the link they've already discovered quantum effects in microtubules.
  2. http://phys.org/news/2014-01-discovery-quantum-vibrations-microtubules-corroborates.html And this quantum consciousness is said to be a receiver of consciousness from the supreme/1st consciousness. How come when they say quantum consciousness they say it's a receiver and there's a 1st consciousness? What makes them say that?
  3. Well because quantum mechanics is random. And come back up after another round of what?
  4. 1.Believe that it's reasonable to believe in a Personal God? 2.Believe that God affects things through Quantum Mechanics? 3.Thoughts on an Afterlife? 4.When the world ends do you think it could come back or would that be the the Day of Judgement?
  5. 1. Do you accept the singularity of the Big Bang Theory and other ideas on the beginning of the world? 2. Do you think String Theory is valid? I've seen things that says it's invalid like this new study http://www.wired.com/2014/08/multiverse/ 3. This world will end and time itself will end in the Big Rip correct? Accurate estimates on when this will occur yet? 4. You think that there can be another world once this one ceases to exist?
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