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  1. Isn't it nice to have an honest, educational discussion? I see so much trash on the science forums and had very negative responses at some other sites with people calling my work rubbish and work that I do not understand. 


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    2. Mordred


      Thanks all its nice to see my methodology recieve positive results. The thread under discussion should however be creditted to Dubbelsox. 

      He is abiding by the proper methodology of a toy universe model to the letter. Makes it far easier to engage in a proper scientific discussion.


      Yes Stringy I do occassionally vist physicsforum however I find I make greater contributions here. Mainly due simply because this site has a controllable Speculations forum.

      Strange as that may sound lol

    3. koti


      Just went through the thread and frankly, I too understand a few percent of what is being laid out. It is a pleasant surprise to see a gem thread like this in the speculations forum though, I will be lurking to learn Dubbelosix and Mordred. I'm also surprised that you have been mistreated at other forums, seems bizarre.  

    4. Dubbelosix


      Thanks guys, that was all very nice to read.

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