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  1. knowledge is the root of understanding, what is your question?
  2. Undetected asteroids and Earth

    All good/great answers but the fundamental truth in detecting a potential Earth killer is, we've got to see it and that depends on its reflection.
  3. Even if we can explain it, at some point in the future (certainly not now), there's no reason to think that knowledge is transferable to a mechanical system.
  4. Harvey Weinstein

    This strikes at the very heart of what justice means; the balance between revenge and forgiveness.
  5. The Cause of Prime Numbers ( Suggestion)

    The only thing this thread highlights is a misunderstanding of the word cause.
  6. My Own Version of the Mystery Method

    The only mystery here is what you want to discuss. Indeed, that happened sooner than I thought.
  7. Sleeping with the windows closed? Earplugs?

    Maybe, but I sleep when I can...
  8. Sleeping with the windows closed? Earplugs?

    Your choice. I'm sorry if my words/thoughts are objectional.
  9. WTF are you talking about? When did Nietzsche talk about homosexuality ?
  10. You seem to be missing my point(I never thought I'd ask this of you) please elaborate.
  11. Sleeping with the windows closed? Earplugs?

    What's more pragmatic than:
  12. Sleeping with the windows closed? Earplugs?

    So close your windows, but if that doesn't help what choice do you have? I spend most of each night awake, for various reasons; my choices are, get up and do without sleep, or close my eyes and wait for sleep.
  13. Sleeping with the windows closed? Earplugs?

    Did the dogs scream in yours? Or did you focus on the distraction?
  14. Sleeping with the windows closed? Earplugs?

    Getting annoyed at an external source of noise seems relevant, focus on that if you want.