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  1. Topic grading...

    Thanks. Perhaps could be convenient to consider clever topics brought to the table where only responders are 'recognized'. Seen several topics where the original poster is not 'compensated' What is the democratic way ? A poll ? -If the forum firmware allows starcounting-
  2. Alternating electrodeposition...

    Thank you, John. Good. Easy processes do not bring much merit. Plating to the correct percentages an alloy ideally is composed of, would then need different times or currents when a particular anode is switched on, to establish a proper recipe, right ?
  3. Hi. Are the topic ratings conveyed to authors reputation ?
  4. Hi all. What to expect from electroplating a 'target' metal with two (or more) different 'donor' electrodes cyclically switched on for few seconds ? I do not have the equipment to experiment. Example... an iron 'target' electrode getting electrodeposition from both submerged copper and tin electrodes in the same vessel but only one timely connected (powered) at a time... With proper timing; would the iron be electroplated with bronze ? Or... several 'donors' creating a complex alloyed surface for corrosion/hardness/properties improvements ? Does such a practice exist in the industry ?
  5. And the rest of the planet. Tried to find a link to streaming; only found the next airing, tomorrow ¿GMT? (and something in facebook, which I do not go.) ----> https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/tv/documentary/201709290600/
  6. Today I saw a documentary program on television proposing politicians to be robots running artificial intelligence. It left me thinking...
  7. The surface of seas would be covered by a poisonous gas layer if Cl volatility happened.
  8. Glaze...

    That clear compound used to cover porcelain, pottery, yielding a very hard surface after the kiln process... What is it made of ? It is sold as a thick liquid ?
  9. Overhead sensors in freeways...

    Did someone 'pulled my leg' a looong time ago telling me these were to detect 'illegal/undisclosed' transportation of radioactive materials ? Or are those only mass detectors, speed detectors, vehicle counters, toll transponders... ?
  10. Hello, I need a material for my project

    Something like these crucibles ? ----> https://duckduckgo.com/?q=ceramic+crucible&t=canonical&iax=1&ia=images
  11. An "ideal" transport of the future

    That is capacity four. You can install capacity ones inside these booths every block or in front of boutiques, or in offices, the barber shop, no parking needed... Just dial its number and you show up there :
  12. With few working satellites in orbit yet, is the Galileo working today, even with delayed capture, or poor precision, or both ?
  13. An "ideal" transport of the future

    Nothing better than ---->
  14. Gyroscopic contraption...

    A bicycle, hanged off ground. Wheels turning. No or fixed steering, (or, both wheels on a rigid frame.) Trying/pushing to 'topple' it, some torques become active. If the wheels are turning in opposite directions, What torques/forces to expect trying to topple it? Next... wheels with their shafts at a right angle. What torques/forces to expect trying to topple it? Next... 3 spinning wheels with their shafts in the 3 axis. What torques/forces to expect trying to topple it?
  15. Where is the gold ?

    That gold mined centuries ago since ancient times, the gold from spaniard conquerors, the gold from mines production in all continents. Physically, where is it ? Cannot believe that a substantial amount is in jewelry or museums. The amount of gold produced in say 3000 years, has to be a huge amount. Where is it now ?