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  1. English... if the thread title was, instead, LEDs mimicking sunlight ; would it have the same meaning ? Better ? Worse ?
  2. Superb craftsmanship worth sharing. Enjoy : ---->
  3. In other forums that use this same 'architecture'; when being logged-in times out, all typed contents in the reply box get saved automatically, actually happens every minute while logged; and reported being so. After re-logging-in, prompts the choice to restore saved content. That saves a lot of frustration from losing very elaborated responses wiped out to never recover. Perhaps that feature is hidden to be implemented among all the tweaks.
  4. Hi. What did all those indicator lamps tell the operator ? The buttons, knobs, dials, selected what ?
  5. Thanks. Yes, iron in 6+ metres long bars can be an ohm or two more resistive than copper. Which I suspect of little effect in huge voltages, as the high tension transmission lines behave to minimize losses with other than copper. Yes, the conductor is the one more likely to be hit instead of the building. So see no downsides ? Other than more often soiled pants from the much louder and sudden thunder scare originated a few metres away...
  6. Hi. Lightning rods, with their properties of attracting and providing a safer electrical path to ground have their advantages to prevent a house to burn or the unpredictable damages caused by a lightning bolt. Is there any cons; like -say having them installed will promote more hits to the dwelling rod, instead of less hits that may be diverted to nearby trees or other buildings ? Would the hits be much less destructive, but more frequent ? For the brutal voltages involved; would a plain reinforcement iron bar as rod and path to proper grounding instead of a 1/2" copper path be reasonably comparable ? A 1/2" 'rebar' tiny additional resistance to the brutal strike voltage should not be significantly detrimental, is it ? (This is not about using the structural 'rebar', but as an external path)
  7. Seems posts are not numbered any more. Or I could not see such. Could help for referencing as before. Also, from the previous board version, as I was caught in the transition posting : Are social networks still intruding or just not shown now ?
  8. Triple backup current contents first ! Wait for Murphy to get sedated. Thank you.
  9. Which illusion, performance has impressed you the most ? That unforgettable one that dropped your jaw to the floor and still has you scratching your head ?
  10. Good if those records being a copy in an internet-exposed read-only computer/server. Not the protected main computer kept in safe isolation from crooks, which find how to become 'approved personnel' and spread their diarrhea everywhere.
  11. Well, yes, StringJunky. That is the only kind of error, human error. Same error as not implementing isolating computers with vital/private records. See a good degree of laziness here. Mr. Microcrap is not the only office program. But it is easier (less work) for managers to decide/buy that software instead of safe others that do not have to be on-line. If the preference is not to put efforts preventing mishaps, then, let their systems go belly-up and hopefully go bankrupt. The sad part is the ones that decided to do the least amount of preventive work still get their fat checks. Thanks again to my Linux OS for giving me peace.
  12. Hi. I understand the malicious infections getting into computers. I do not understand why a XYZ corporation has to be in risk/ exposed to the net perils in order to conduct business and preserve sanity. All the files for the operation of a corporation, their designs, their development documents, their personnel files, sales records, data, products, payrolls and many more internal documentation of daily activity. Why do they have to be in the same computers/net with internet access ? Not saying to pull the net plug, but having NO PLUG at all ! A totally isolated internal workings. When there is need to access the web, well, another physical system of computers to be used. What hurdles would such internal-only totally isolated network pose, with zero anti-viral software ? Am missing something here...
  13. ... If both bullets being compared have the same mass, volume and shape.
  14. It has worked for centuries, no complications, retractable, or fixed, or hinged, or removable... ----> https://duckduckgo.com/?q=awning&t=canonical&iax=1&ia=images
  15. Thank you ! Perfect : ----> http://www.chessvariants.com/shogi.dir/kasparov/bild05.jpg No brain left for learning more languages...