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  1. Laser or Microwave vs germs

    Vodka or Wiskey
  2. Energy Photon (I love this site)
  3. Presupposition, faith and truth

    My SUBJECTIVE opinion is that "God" is a Teddy bear. I needed it when I was young so I can feel safe before I go to sleep. Now I know that the real demons are not in hell or under my bed. They are in our hearts (lol) . I let go of my Teddy a long time ago Randolphin. when I realized he will not answer me because he is not real.
  4. Presupposition, faith and truth

    mmkay, Got it! Will you please answer my other question? (of course you have no obligation to do so from a forum perspective as it is a personal question)
  5. Presupposition, faith and truth

    The origin of the philosophy that talks about morality and moral values can be found in the works of Aristotle and Plato - both famous Christians of course. So you are saying that someone who does not believe in (your?) God, they have no morals? My point is that you cannot mention "God" and then say the word objective in that same sentence. Also, If I may, I have a question as you quoted Ansel and his Proslogion. If you were born in India and raised in a traditional Hindu family and found the Bible, Proslogion and any christian book that comes to mind - do you think you would say, all this way of life (Hinduism) is wrong and I found the "true" religion and become a Christian? ooooooor would you just say - "that's a nice collection of fables and fiction now let's also read Harry Potter while we're at it?"
  6. 60,000 Nazis Marched in Poland this weekend

    I understand your concerns regarding the government. Hopefully things will changes. Piwo to świetny pomysł, dam ci znać następnym razem, gdy będę w Warszawie
  7. 60,000 Nazis Marched in Poland this weekend

    There's nothing bad about this. The problem is not that they are allowed to march. The problem is that they are uneducated. I would love to have some statistics about the people out there marching. What they do for a living, how they spend their free time, what do they read. My guess is that the average IQ is below 80. On the other side koti I am not polish but I have been living in Krakow for the last 6 years. I can tell you that in these 6 years I have never been discriminated or never even had a bad look. (even though I look very different from polish people). Have some faith. Poland is definitely not as xenophobic as people think.
  8. Louis C.K. "allegations"

    Normal people would. But some people actually have that fetish . Comedian Jim Norton talked about this in regards to the Louis C.K. story. Check it out.
  9. Louis C.K. "allegations"

    Maybe I was in denial about this. And you guys are totally right. I still don't think that he should be put in the same bucket as the other two mentioned above but yeah.... my approach was very subjective. I took a moment and thought how I would react if this would be someone else who I do not care about in this situation and it would be very different. If any good can be taken from these recent scandals is that Female Directors, Actors, Comedians etc will hopefully get a huge (well deserved) boost in trust and confidence and this scene will see a more female presence. I just realized that you can see the 5 stages of my grief in this thread hahaha. (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance)
  10. Presupposition, faith and truth

    Judging by the premise, Flying Spaghetti Monster is my guess.
  11. Presupposition, faith and truth

    I really don't know what I am expecting when asking this but... source needed for the above please.
  12. Louis C.K. "allegations"

    Ok can you please show me where anyone was hurt? Some source? He is charged with sexual misconduct not assault. please do not confuse these two terms.
  13. Louis C.K. "allegations"

    The problem is that he is being lumped with the two people mentioned above. Of course this is degenerate behavior but these women were free to leave at any moment plus he asked for permission before the act. (understandably they thought is was a joke) But still they could just leave. Another "victim" is a news reporter that declared she could hear him pleasuring himself on the other line. Here's an idea ... hang up. The issue I have is that there are plenty of degenerate comedians, Doug Stanhope for example who describes waaaaaay worse things that he did and they get no dirt for it.
  14. The Wonders of the Electron - Photon and Quantum Phenomenon .

    Where do you get this stuff? Can I please see a source? Haha so Neutrons were late at the party? If you are talking about the earliest stages, Quarks couldn't form protons and neutrons. But what does any of that have to do with the statement: "Physicists see electrons as a Photon of Energy"? Can you please elaborate.
  15. The Wonders of the Electron - Photon and Quantum Phenomenon .

    You have provided no reference for what I asked except the title of the book. Plus you confused me more with your second statement "ELECTRONS & PHOTONS , together with QUANTUM Phenomenon , need to be included" included in what? I'm not sure what you are trying to imply here. Electrons are fermions, they have mass, photons are bosons with zero rest mass. They are totally different particles. Also the authors of this book, like me, have close to 0 understanding of Quantum Mechanics. (read some parts that I could find without buying this "best seller") Good luck... Plus this book is about biology crackpot not physics crackpot so don't say "Physicists see electrons as a Photon of Energy" after reading biology crackpot.