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  1. Can you witness the birth of the Universe?

    What do you mean not for very long? Why/how would they just disappear? You do understand that the BB is not an actual explosion right? Also I am a bit confused swansont. As T. McGrath mentions, first photons were around 10 seconds after the BB. Yet you are mentioning that the universe was Opaque the first 300,000 years. I am sure you are both right but can you please elaborate? Were the first ones virtual photons?
  2. Exoplanet discoveries

    I have but I thought it refers to their shape as unique from other diamonds. Like each snowflake was assumed to have a unique shape.
  3. Exoplanet discoveries

    *than I never heard the expression that the diamond is an unique jewel. Octuplets are also rare but they are less unique than me haha. (I'm a single child)
  4. 3 events that happened only once in history

    What about the possibility that it happened around the same time in different locations? Like Strange mentioned convergent evolution. Maybe that was the organism adapting as well as it could to it's environment. A dolphin is a mammal, a Tuna is a fish and a Besanosaurus was a reptile. They are not closely related yet they all have fins. Would it make sense for me to declare without a shred of doubt that they all have the same fin carrying ancestor? #FinsOnlyHappenedOnce!
  5. New ADS/Conformal Wave Theory of Gravitation

    Today Science forum members discover a new human singularity of insanity.
  6. Gravitational waves measure the universe

    Really interesting read. Thank you beecee!
  7. Constant speed of light - scenario

    Thank you guys, and can you please tell me about the "color" of the light? Would it be different for each observer?
  8. Constant speed of light - scenario

    I understand how in free space, c is constant. And if I travel at let's say 0.5c and turn on a flash light I will record that the light is traveling away from me at c. I was hoping you could clear up the scenario that I was thinking of below Let's say we have two stationary satellites that are located exactly 1 light hour away from each other and they exactly 1 light hour away at all times. Satellite 2 starts shooting a light beam once every minute directly towards Satellite 1. A rocket starts traveling at a constant 0.6c (let's say) from Satellite 1 directly towards Satellite 2. Would the rocket also record the "frequency" of the light beam signal once every minute the entire journey? (I understand that time would be relative and would pass differently for the rocket and Satellite 1 but I mean relative to each of these observers.) I have follow up questions depending on the answer Side question: From my understanding of Doppler shifting, for Satellite 2(who is emitting the light) the light would look normal("white") but for the rocket the light would be more blue? (would it be Doppler shifted to a higher level of energy? It gains energy from your motion but not speed.) Or is that in the scenario that the rocket would be the one emitting the light? (and the light emitted would actually "slow down the rocket" by robbing energy from it's motion and converting it to energy)
  9. Spin effect on Time

    Thank you swansont. Yes I know the second part has nothing to do with spin, I just thought I would air all my questions on the topic haha.
  10. Spin effect on Time

    Hmm so technically if I would dig a whole to be closer to earth's center of gravity for example, I would age slower than you who are on the surface? (of course by a very small amount).
  11. Spin effect on Time

    This is potentially really dumb, especially the way that I am going to formulate it but please go along with me. I was reading a different thread (Time and speed and how speed impacts time) and I have a basic understanding of concepts like the Twin Paradox but was wondering if let's say Taz would spin on the same spot on the ground at a respectable speed close to c for a few minutes, would it have the same effect as if he would travel in a rocket in space and he would have basically traveled in the future when he stops? (I mean if his twin that did not perform the spin motion age more?)
  12. thoughtfuhk - What is evolution optimising? Why? Apologies for butting in I know the question above has been asked already but it is very simple and the root to this whole mess. OP, can you please answer this no references needed, I just want to understand in your own words what your point is.
  13. Can you witness the birth of the Universe?

    Hello Madheart918, I think that light was not present at the very very first stages of the Big Bang. Also as is often mentioned on this forum, the big Bang does not describe the birth of the Universe, just it's rapid expansion from a very dense hot state. I assume you watched Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. Neil deGrasse Tyson often makes science sound poetic but in this process he makes his statements a bit ambiguous as well sometimes for dramatic purpose. (Also the asteroid didn't "kill the dinosaurs") In regards to your last part, I wont touch upon it as it has more to do with the Philosophy section of this forum.
  14. This is exactly what I mean. I have said a few times that people in the middle ages believed that the earth is flat. I even mentioned it on the forum probably haha. I will stop doing that
  15. Oh yeah, I think you mentioned this podcast before yesterday. I was reading about the actual No such thing as a fish. Really interesting and the cool part is that I'm sure there are a lot of facts on the podcast that even the more knowledgeable of us did not know.