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  1. True Airbrush. I got too excited for a second there haha.
  2. Yes exactly. Like I said, increase control. You might notice I did not open this thread myself. I am just defending a comment that I made in another thread. I did not think about that and too be honest I don't know what would be more fair. To have a fixed amount for everyone or pay let's say 10% of your income. Guys there are so many aspects of this it's inhuman to defend all points haha of course there will be unknowns, cons, problems etc with this idea.
  3. I am sorry Swansont It's just really hard to stay on track when every comment needs to be addressed. My point was Education is lacking because of poor tax fund use. Increasing control on how we spend taxes by paying them directly to the provider is my idea. Which doesn't have too much traction haha. I am very open minded and Just wanted to open a discussion. I don't fully support my idea myself. And I appreciate all your comments. It makes me think about all the aspects. Just wanted to clarify that I am not an angry crazy guy behind the keyboard, mad at the government. I just want to explore this idea.
  4. 1% (0.77% to be exact) of your tax money went into science in 2015! 33% went into helping the unemployed. The priority is to first fix the hole in your boat and then throw the water out. Increase funds to Education, the rest will naturally improve.
  5. The value of a currency or a product or a company is given by the trust that the people have in that product, based of course on what that product offers. Let me ask you something. And I am really not implying anything here. An educated law abiding scientist votes for a candidate that realizes the danger that current society poses on the environment and understands exactly what this candidate's plan is, all the laws he wants to try to pass and where he wants to invest his money. He votes for him. Does this educated mans vote count the same as a junky's vote. One with no education, not even a spirit of conservation. Do each of their votes hold the same weight?
  6. And I respect your Opinion. But I see people working for the state as being much less excited and working in a non-competitive atmosphere. If you daze off in a private company they will usually fire you.
  7. 1: The Government will still exist. It will audit all business making sure it is up to standard. The government and it's staff will be paid the same as I suggested the police and doctors will be paid except, No, Delta you will not be able to open your own government. Every major expense will be made public. 2: If you get paid, your salary will be deducted by the amount of money necessary for this. 3: In my idea everything would just be more transparent in hopes to increase the efficiency of these funds. You have to understand that no matter what system you have, USA will still have the same resources, they will just be used in a more competitive controlled environment and not the current chaos. 4: I know what you are saying and I feel your pain. It is a disaster. I just gave an example of a privately owned establishment which historically was governed by the government. I did not suggest applying any methods/behavior from these private prisons. Introducing Higher Education only would reduce the number of inmates.
  8. You are still obliged to pay these services but they do not go through the Government making it easier to control and improve. You pay each field separately, directly. It is a very simplified example so don't take it to literally but Imagine the restaurant industry. All of them are verified that they are up to health standards but after this the number of clients depends on the quality of the services in relationship with the price. The competitive nature of the market will make only quality services emerge.
  9. You are a scientist. Maybe it's a speculation but a very high number of people working in the science field are foreign. You are "importing" many scientists and other high level specialization jobs from other countries which is amazing really. But this is the case because your education system does not encourage a career such a difficult area. Immigrant Scientists Invaluable to the United States: http://www.nfap.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/International-Educator.May-June-2015.pdf
  10. There will still be a government. One of educated individuals with experience from many fields. A legislature is still in place. You still mandatory pay for all these services like Police but it does not go through the government. It is still a for of taxation but it does not go to the government. You can open a private security firm like you can in our modern society but it has to have approved/trained staff. There are private prisons in USA so this concept is not new. Your house will not burn, like I said you will pay for these services. If you are unable to work due to old age/disability etc you will receive these benefits. The other people paying will just have to pay a bit more to make up for the number of people which cannot.
  11. What are you basing this on? The private hospital I was mentioning offers free support for people with disabilities, pregnant women etc etc. They do not get any money from the taxes that we pay. Only my lousy 15$ a month and other people like me. Please reduce the aggressive reaction to this post. I am not a flat earther and DrP, I will speculate you are talking from a place of hate not one of logic. We can further discuss your ideas but please do it in a professional manner. I hope not to convince anyone of my views. I just want to freely discuss.
  12. Read my post again. Where did I say to just drop all these services? Where did I say that only people who can afford them can get them? The reason they can't afford them is because they don't have a job most of the times. They don't have a job very often because they lack education. No education because the system is lousy. I met a simple diner cook from Finland once. He knew more history about my country than me. He had comprehensive knowledge about geography, science etc. He all got that from school not by his own passion. Lets go together to Finland and count the Homeless Finnish people. We wont find too many I will tell you that. If you are well educated you will always find a job.
  13. Delta... what is the value of your post? Where did you get the impression that laws would be nullified? I was really hoping for a more mature approach from you. What happens to you if you get stabbed and don't have insurance? Again I am adding as people keep bringing it up: WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THAT TAXATION IS MADE TO HELP POOR PEOPLE?
  14. I really cannot speak about your country but I really pay 15$ a month for this "private healthcare". It sounds way more pretentious for you probably. Exactly, people don't like paying tax. That's why the system isn't working. about this... DrP, I live in Poland...people who are able to are working here. They don't just get social benefit for being lazy. Of course we should take care of the sick and the poor. Just through a different method. Why do you guys see Taxation as the angel of poor people? Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland have huge taxes and all over 24% VAT. But they use this tax money very efficiently, education, healthcare. Not many murders, obesity, drug problems, emigration etc etc there... Taxation can work but the current model applied in most countries is not encouraging progress. Tell me Swansont, how many generations ago did your family move to USA?
  15. Well especially because you are a US citizen, you should know that tax money is not being used at high efficiency. You think USA isn't spending a bit too much on military? In the chart below most tax money is spent on Social Security, Unemployment and Health. No offense but Canada spends less on Healthcare and have much better results. 1% science. Ok I am drifting off but my point is that you either enforce a Tax "police" of remove tax altogether and come up with a new system.