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If you eat more healthy food would the small amount of chemicals preservatives not absorb into your system?

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if you eat alot of healthy food along with a small amount of preservatives like monsoduium glutamate or carboxymethyl cellulose (TVDinner glue) going to make you absorb less preservatives then eating the same amount of preservatives but less food?

I use carboxymethylcellulose in making art, we use it because it ph neutral. I feel like these things are really bad for your health but the people that can afford healthy food dont have to worry about it. if I cant afford healthy food I live in the city so I cant grow my own food how can I eat the food that I have and not absorb as much chemicals?like some people eat butter before drinking beer in order to not get as drunk so they can drive, maybe butter dosen't work but there has to be something that effects absorption.

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All preservatives are chemicals, not all chemicals are preservatives. Preservatives are made from atoms, ergo they are chemicals. In the cases you mention, these preservatives stem from natural sources (but are still chemicals) and the first one is actually an amino acid playing an intergral and irreplacible part in our biological functions.


To reduce your intake of chemicals, the answer is simple: eat less. If you worry about those things however, look at the label of the products you are buying.

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Also note that a) preservatives are very diverse in nature (sugar and sodium chloride are also preservatives, for example) and b) monosodium glutamate (which, btw. has not been found to be detrimental in any studies) is not a preservative. All of the mentioned are also present in unprocessed food, obviously.

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Uptake is one thing, retention is another.


Everyone's different. As to preservatives, the same applies for things like sugar, where some folks eat lots and never gain weight while some eat a little and gain a lot, so without an extensive physical examination it would difficult to say how this may apply to you, or anyone for that matter.


It's fair to say a lower exposure to preservatives might provide for a lower uptake, but that's not to say how much may be retained in any event.


Heavy metals, not chemicals tend to be retained longer in lipid cells, nails, hair etc., where most preservatives are flushed away via the kidneys in the short term.


My reply may be a little ambiguous, but I don't think there's a clear "yes or no" answer to the question, albeit a good one!

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