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  1. I asked several times to cite the facts. I don't know you and don't accept "wrong" by default unless it's supported. If that's to much to ask on a science board, then you're even a bigger dick than first thought.
  2. Because I thought I was right. In retrospect I was wrong. Just because a person gets something wrong doesn't mean they're always wrong. Now you're resorting to fallacies, Dick.
  3. That means to suggest I'm incapable of learning. I learned two things. 1- I got pressure and volume backasswards and 2- You're a dick.
  4. I'm not one of the loons that joins here who thinks he's always right and everyone else is wrong. I don't think like that. I can be stood corrected any time when provided with a reasonable explanation. I was only trying to help the OP and I admit to erring. As to Ohms Law, that's the way I was taught. By my father, who was a master electrician. He also would say if you're not sure... think of what water would do. Ohm's law always worked for me when I needed to learn current or resistance. I'm a handy go-to guy among my friends and workmates and can fix most things that are fixable. I didn't feel the need to belittle (no less a scientist), even when I thought I was right. One contributor posted an incorrect assumption about editing after he posted, which if you look at the post times is clearly not true. I didn't read any admonishment there. Snark seems be a pervasive undertone on this board when dealing with people who are actually capable of learning or in this case, relearning something. No doubt that's acceptable if the point is belabored and the OP is intransigent, but it didn't rise to that before getting dismissed as quack. There is a difference.
  5. I should have left the parenthesis out, for simplicity. Most multi-meters are 9 volts nowadays. If it were 1.5v like the old days, he would have at least buried the needle past zero.
  6. In Ohm's law volts and amps are inversely proportional to resistance Do you really think that restricting the flow rate doesn't increase pressure?
  7. So you mean to say it's volts that kill you and not amps? Citation please. Volts are not the amount of potential energy between two points? Citation please. Volts rise with amps? Citation please. I stand corrected.
  8. I edited while you were responding, (once at 1123 my time and again at 1202) not afterwards. Your response posted a minute after that. I edited nothing since.
  9. No, for clarity and I added other points. What I should have done was open my comments with... in an inductive circuit... because the OP is working with one.
  10. Turning up the heat on an electric stove is done by reducing resistance. Seeing it's plugged into 120 or 220 that remains constant, hence the amps rise. Actually were, missing a point. Inductive and resistive loads behave differently. Technically, we're both correct.
  11. Volts is to gallons as amps is to PSI. We all know it's not the volume that can kill you, it's the pressure. If you pour a bucket of water over your head, you get wet. If you run a small amount of water though a pressure washer, you can cut your arm off. When you use a garden hose, full flow (volume) does not have much effect. Hold your finger over the end (resistance) increases pressure (amps) but reduces volume (volts). If you increase the voltage of a circuit, amps drop. If you lower the voltage, amps rise. That's why it's bad to run tools with weak batteries (low volts), because they'll burn out because they are running high amps. Inversely, circuits rated at say 12 volts can run up to 30 or more volts without any problems, because there's less amps. Voltage is the amount of potential energy between two points on a circuit. You can stand up to your head in a river with high volume and low current, but a small stream with high current can sweep you off your feet.
  12. An ohm meter uses an internal battery to measure resistance. If you put it across a power source it's no wonder the reading is all over the place, it's modulating according to the power used in the circuit. Ohms law doesn't work that way. It's used to calculate a missing variable of either volts, amps or ohms (resistance) E = Volts (volume) I = Amps (pressure) R = Ohms (resistance)
  13. I'd trust known scientists, peers and a lifetime of personal experience before I'd trust someone with head-in-ass disease that throws shit against a wall, then interprets and preaches the results as truth. I work with this technology every single day. You on the other hand have absolutely no credence to convince anyone otherwise. Your experience in my field is zero. Thought it will undoubtedly fall on the deaf ears of denial, I'll tell you now, that one time Japan was a world leader in the production of freshwater pearls. In the last 25 years, hundreds of farms have closed because of unknown diseases resulting from increased annual water temperatures. In case you have trouble with the English language, that translates to CLIMATE CHANGE and nobody, including the farmers deny it was anything less than man-made. Only one major farm operates in Lake Kasumi and their production is mere shadow of itself. China is now experiencing the same thing and it's anticipated it will half of the traditional volumes in the next ten years. Some blame lies on pollution, but pollution rarely kills shellfish, insomuch as contaminating it from human consumption. Again, made made warming issues. Simply put, even a fraction of a degree of warming has been hugely detrimental to species that have been on this planet for millions of years. I can post hundreds, if not thousands of links from scientific studies: http://articles.latimes.com/2000/jan/31/news/mn-59546/3 "Global warming is seen as the scariest threat of all. For the past two years, the waters off Ehime have been 1.5 degrees warmer than the average for the 15 preceding years, according to prefectural data. Higher temperatures make shellfish more susceptible to disease." http://www.spc.int/climate-change/fisheries/assessment/chapters/11-Chapter11.pdf http://www.unesco.org/csi/smis/siv/inter-reg/climate.htm "Storm surges and sea level rise result in saltwater contamination of our groundwater, making it unsuitable for crop irrigation. The changes in air and water temperature change the way the ocean currents flow, affecting the migration of deep-water fish, our staple food. Warmer temperatures favour invasive plant species and disease-bearing insects. Vector-borne illnesses are on the rise. Warmer sea temperatures are destroying our coral reefs, which have served in many islands as a natural breakwater. We urgently need to implement projects that will help us adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change. We in the Pacific have been among the first to suffer the effects of procrastination over climate change, even though we contribute relatively little to the production of greenhouse gases." http://www.spc.int/DigitalLibrary/Doc/FAME/InfoBull/POIB/14/POIB14_17_Tun.pdf "In Japan, a decade-long chain of mortality problems became acute in 1996 and 1997, resulting in the death of 150 million Akoya pearl oysters in Japan (Canedy 1998). Average mortality rates, depending on locality, ranged from 25 to 60 per cent" http://www.fao.org/docrep/field/003/ab726e/AB726E06.htm You may reinsert your head now.
  14. Wasn't that a quote from Overtone? I cant speak for them, but I didn't gather the meaning that statement as righteous and good, insomuch as those who had a handle on sectarian violence and limited it to border skirmishes or in-fighting. While Saddam was brutal, cocky and deceptive, he really wasn't much of a threat when compared to power vacuum left behind him. Most of us don't like China's stance on human rights etc., but in the interest of world peace we reluctantly accept the status quo, lest we give rise to another country jumping on the terror bandwagon and we endure the inundation of refugees. Not to direct this at you (I'm actually inclined to think you'd agree), but only to expand a little... when we defeated Germany and Japan (who were not decent then), we occupied the territories until they got their acts together. It was made clear they couldn't raise an army, oppress their citizens or expand borders. Both complied and moved on. They became super powers and our allies in less time than between now and the first gulf war. Interestingly enough, even in the absence of an army, those countries had no fear of being taken over by others because their compliance earned our security. Muslims like to believe they insult Israel by labeling them as occupiers. To that end I salute Israel for sticking to their guns, because they will continue to occupy the territory indefinitely for historical and legal reasons, no less in spite of the violence it endures. It's the only country in the middle east that is a democracy, where Jews, Christians, Arabs and Atheists live and work together. If extremism wages war and advocates violence among the rest of the world, they do so at their own peril. They'll just never amount to anything. In almost every case (other than Iraq), America has been late for the war. Not because they're lazy or indifferent, but because they're given to exhaust all other means before calling the banners. In the case for Syria, countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, UAR and so on, need to step up and that's where the pressure should be applied. Failing that, they should be made accountable. If it takes Saudi oil to stop Syria, so be it. That should be a priority, not an alternative after all SA is one of the greatest instigators, as is Iran. Russia needs to straighten up too, as do we in some aspects, especially where refugee and humanitarian issues lay. For us in the civilized world to be turning on each other in the meantime only emboldens the bad guys.
  15. I think what you are looking for is the ability to calculate coulombs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coulomb
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