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Personal photos showing curvature of earth?


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This is a very simple way of putting a stop to just about any conspiracy whack job:


Ask them what proof they will accept as truth they are completely, and utterly wrong. If they are intellectually challenged, which I assume they are, then word it as: If you gave them a piece of paper right now, that convinced them they were wrong and science was right, what would that paper have to have on it?


This will generally silence all, but the most delusional. If they can't provide you with anything, then it is proof of a mental illness (I believe this more or less matches the definition of "insane") Anything they do say, can most likely be found fairly quickly.


This is the web; nothing is real, it's all just ones and zeroes.

How can you be sure that I'm not President Obama writing under a pseudonym?

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Here is a photo I took recently at the seaside near Corby in the UK that shows the curvature of the earth...




I've also attached the photo...


Look carefully at the horizon where the sea meets the sky. The furthest wind turbines seem to be beyond the brow of a hill... except that there is no hill because it's the sea and the sea has to be "flat". Therefore, what you're seeing is the "hill" created by the curvature of the earth!


I'm not sure if the photo attached here will have enough resolution... probably best to go to flickr version.



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Wow, you guys unearthed this post after so much time. I am not even sure all the original participants are still alive.


See how you can only see the top of the last ship that is also the furthest?


If anyone thinks that the earth is flat I have 2 questions?
1: Where is this edge of the earth exactly?
2: Why hasn't anyone taken a pictures of the edge of the earth? Is it guarded by "them"?


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I took DSC_2618a at Crosby beach near Liverpool. If you look closely at the horizon where the wind turbines meet the sea, I think you can see the curvature of the earth.

I took _DSC0994 in Amsterdam at the top of a high building. Here the curvature of the earth is easier to see... :)



_DSC0994 MR.jpg

I just thought of another thing... seeing as 99.999% of the world believes the available evidence that the earth is a globe, then it is up to your friend to prove that the earth is flat.

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