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time travel

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Changing the perception of time isn't traveling in time


Let's say seven years ago a young man who was born on 11/September/1971 and on his 30th birthday was watching TV and was shocked seeing the airplanes hitting the trade center in USA "Events of 11/September/2001" & he thinks he could do something about it because he owns a flying machine which can approach a speed double the speed of light...

He decided to travel in time trying to change what happened

He puts a clock on top of TV set & synchronizes it with the watch on his hand & took the flying machine "which travels at speed double the speed of light" & starts to fly away just a moment after the airplane hitting the Trade Center...he left with the speed of light looking behind he sees the clock showing the same time as if it stopped & frozen moment of the impact as if TV was paused then he speeds up & starts to see the clock going backward & the fire becoming less & less the airplane itself flying in the opposite direction away from the building tail first...& he travels tell a moment preceding the impact by hours then he started to travel slower :

First at the speed of light when he noticed "seeing" that the clock stopped again & what is shown on his TV screen at home stopped "paused" His speed becomes less & less tell he stopped & he realized "is seeing" that the clock on TV is running at the same speed as his watch & the TV showing the same TV programs he watched hours ago...

He is feeling bad about it started to think the airplanes will hit the same way & something tells him to come back & try to change what happened by informing the Good Guys about it So they Can take the appropriate measures & prevent these events "airplanes hitting the trade center" from taking place...!

So he started traveling back at the speed of light but he noticed "is seeing" that clock on the TV is running double the speed of his own watch & more... all that happened is happening with doubled Speed & by the time he is home he discovered that actually he didn't travel in time but his feeling of time '' visual perception " was deceived ...He is feeling bad about two things that he couldn't change the events & that his flying machine which travel so fast couldn't actually travel in time...Because simply by...

Flying away:

At half the speed of light makes time seems slowing down

At the speed of light time seems to stop

At double the speed of light time is going back "reversed "

When stopping the same speed as it was before "Normal...but in the past"

Flying or Coming back:

At half the speed of light then light speed then double light speed it looks That time is speeding up & events too & when he is at the starting point (home) he is back to the Real time & his watch & the clock are showing the same time...

Which means this was visual (eye} perception of time which was deceived...

And for doing so for the auditory perception "hearing sounds of events” slower machines but which travels faster than the speed of sound...


J. Shbeita




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he owns a flying machine which can approach a speed double the speed of light...


Once you postulate something that violates physical law, you can justify pretty much any answer you want to.

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A particle going twice the speed of light (i.e. a tachyon) would not violate special relativity (SR). However it does seem to violate SR for something like tachyonic matter (non-particles like a spaceship). How would one transform to such a frame? If they did then objects in that frame would be at rest violating the assumption of tachyonic matter. For that reason I agree with swansont.


re - At double the speed of light time is going back "reversed " - I don't see where this came from. Its not a meaninful statement in SR. At least if you can't have tachyonic clocks. It'd be a strange thing if they existed. If you have a tachyonic particle which decayed in its own frame of reference then it would appear to "un"decay from other frames. Totally wacky stuff.

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I dont think scientists around the world dont even consider funding for TIME TRAVEL analysis. Its just impossible. Unless some wormhole is created by the HADRON COLLIDER, then thats a different story.

I disagree. E.g.


Time Travel, Deser and Jackiw, Nucl.Part.Phys. 20 (1992) 337



Notice the part where it says

This work is supported in part by funds provided by the National Science Foundation under

grant #PHY-88-04561 (SD) and the U. S. Department of Energy (D.O.E.) under contract

#DE-AC02-76ER03069 (RJ).

Edited by Pete
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Yeah I moved forward 2 minutes while scanning this post and didn't kill my grandfather or anything.


Clearly, you created an alternate time stream, in which you did kill your grandfather. You merely inhabit the one in which you didn't :eyebrow:


Disprove that!

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imagin what it would look like if you traveld in a small circle faster then light you would start to stare at the back of your head... weird


imagine this is all there is though


nothing in real terms however

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I think the basic principal of backwards time was summed up in the post right befor my last one. In order to 'go back in time one would have to change there position in space/time


look at it like this north


If a clock on you and one on earth was reading exactly 12:00 when you left going twice the speed of light.


You look at your clock and at exactly 1 hour into the flight you lookback to see the clock still on earth.


where your clock reads 1:00 stating that an hour has past the one on earth is reading 11:00 stating that an hour was lost..


This is because since you out ran the light that was precently being given off from the clock on earth at 2x its speed you are now seeing the light from the clock from 1 befor you started your journey. If you went the speed of light the clock on earth would still read 12:00

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