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  1. so then your saying that time is a physical force , beyond time as a mathematical concept prove it ; prove that time can influence any physical dynamic , without any physical dynamic being involved , so that time is the cause alone of any physical dynamic not possible
  2. why though ? as I thought no reasonable reponse to my question
  3. moo what I'm putting forth is not based on logic but on reason do you not agree that the sun is giving off solar plasmic energy at the other side of the sun opposite to us ?
  4. mooeypoo I didn't mention ether what I'm saying is that between the spin of the sun , and that energy from the sun is three dimensional , meaning it is going away from us , as well as it is going towards us and the suns atmosphere would bend any light from behind the sun , from our perspective
  5. what " here " do you have to deal with in the end ? if you were somewhere else , where do you go back to for a drink ? here
  6. I think that Einstein was wrong about space-time Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedso why do I think this ; because neither space or time have any substance associated with them therefore it seems to me that , while accurate to a degree , Einstein's findings have been misinterpreted for example ; the light from a star from behind the sun has not been bent because of space-time but because of the matter IN space
  7. don't know but many , many , many , many people do unfortunately Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged why ?
  8. my point is though , is that , if in the equation you change the time numbers, that will not equate into the change of the physical dynamics of the object or objects involved
  9. exactly so that the equation is based on the physical dynamics , not on time time in the equation is a consequence of physical dynamics just simply changing time in the equation means nothing
  10. okay here goes ; if the change in time is made in the mathematical equation , will this change alone influence the physical dynamics of a situation ? inotherwords the change in the equation comes before the physical change
  11. agreed the problem becomes when some people think that time actually has some sort of substance associated with it which is wrong of course , but mathematical physics does this , unfortunately
  12. really so if I let two tires roll down a hill ( and they were let go at the same moment), and one tire passes the other its about time ?
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