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  1. I asked pretty much the same exact question about a week ago in this thread right here, http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/54756-size-of-a-black-hole/ I personally feel light does have mass but its to small for us to really care most of the time.
  2. So if I understand correctly the general consensus is that they have no true mass but the mass they figure on is only true because the energy could be converted to mass?
  3. Yeh that must have been a brain fart, your completely right about the Schwarzschild radius and I cant believe that it didnt cross my mind. Perhaps I was just to wrapped up in a blackhole having dimensions to think about the obvious. As far as the question about light. Im not sure I understand your explination. Are you saying that you believe a photon truely has zero mass, because I in all honesty don't believe it at all. I have read and understand the text book examples you gave but I thank you non the lest for posting them. However I have figured that given E=mc2 then it should be abl
  4. Its because your not really paying attention when you walk into the liquor store appearently. Southern comfort, Yukon jack, Everclear, to name a few, all sell one pint bottles in plastic.
  5. I honestly think this is something you would have to answer for yourself. Taking your morals from a book, esp on that seems to condem human nature on so many levels, will lead to nothing but conflicts in your heart. Best to develop your own moral standards and decide for yourself if theres anything wrong with the way mother nature made us. We where not born with cloths so if we never where shown shame and covered up our bodys would it really feel that wrong looking at another person? The only things I feel are morally wrong are actions which if taken in excess could collapse a societ
  6. I got a rather simple question for everyone I was hoping someone would be able to clear up some confusion for me. I was watching a show on the science channel the other day and they mentioned the super massive black hole in the center of the galaxy. Im in agreeance that it exist but something they said struck me as odd. They stated that the size of the black hole was 15 thousand miles wide. This is where my current understanding falls apart. Im under the impression that a black hole is a singularity, so how could it have any dimensions other G and spin momentum? In an effort to no
  7. But the older text states the devil is gods adversary. ad·ver·sary noun \ˈad-və®-ˌser-ē, -ˌse-rē\ plural ad·ver·sar·ies Definition of ADVERSARY : one that contends with, opposes, or resists : enemy So with that information one would have to assume that the devil does not want our soul after all. What it would appear he wants is to ensure god is not getting it. If there is a soul and it is weak then the devil will more then likely accomplish his goals rather easy and sway the lesser souls from the path of righteousness with the mere mention of material goods. A stronger soul however
  8. Hey I just got your message, sorry its been sometime since I signed in. Mixing H2SO4 with NaOAc in equal molar ratios creates acetic acid and sodium sulfate. Its simple distillation at that point but it tends to burn the AcOH. I have found a new means of extracting the Acetic acid very clean and quick using Dichloromethane and If you look over at science madness you can find some comments I made.

  9. Hi Sedit

    I read your comment about having distilled conc. acetic acid with sulfuric and sodium acetate anhydrous. Can u tell me a little more info. First, do you have any notes on the whole procedure or know where I can get it. second, how long does it take for finish the distillation. third, at what temp is the distillate coming over to the receiving flask. thanks.

  10. If there is any truth behind it there is always the notion that it is the nature of the gum chewer as opposed to someone that does not chew gum... or there pen in some cases. Perhaps someone that finds the class dull due to its ease do need some sort of extra stimulation when being "taught" in order to retain focus.
  11. As already stated you will have a rough time getting a decent seperation of this mixture. As long as you are not hell bent on using distillation as the means of seperation then it will be a walk in the park. Sodium Hydrosulfite(Sodium Bisulfite) will form the sulfonate adduct with the acetone forming a solid precipitate allowing you to filter and redistill the resulting acetone free Ethanol. Keep in mind I said Bisulfite and not Bisulfate.
  12. SO3 crystals are not exactly that they are the trimmer of Sulfur trioxide and form a solid below 16 degrees C. It is so hygroscopic that there is very little chance of producing it pure with out destroying your equipment and/ or your self. You must know that this substance will ignite on contact with organic materials and there has been reports of the ignition being delayed by days at a time before the floor of a lab burst into flames from the heat of hydration. If you don't mind me asking what in the world would one want with solid SO3?
  13. Iv heard of electrical expoxy. I am not exactly sure how it works but if it dont have the grainyness that metallic paints do then that would be the best way to go I would think.
  14. The hydrogen would have to be reacted with something like platinum to make it reactive if im not mistaken. There is also a light frequency that will break the bond also so it may be worth a look to see what frequency its at. I have it somewhere but its to late to look. Ill check back tommorow.
  15. The general over the counter way of producing pure glacial acetic acid is to react baking soda with vinegar and evaporate to yeild Sodium acetate. React the sodium acetate with sulfuric acid and distill it to yeild pure glacial acetic acid. I have performed this manytimes since the photography shops closed down around here and there are a few thing to take note about this. First thing is after you boil away your solution and get sodium acetate recrystalize it atlest once or else you will have to throw away the first few ML of your distillate because it will be contaminated with some o
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