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  1. I dare anybody to try and disprove the fact that 0.9999999..... repeating doesn't equal 1. In particular, read some of the proofs on this website here: http://www.qntm.org/?pointnine Good luck
  2. Of course I know all that. But only if you were taken to a hospital, or weren't living in Haiti where health care is certainly substandard and just about anybody can become a doctor. You know nothing about how third world countries operate Regardless, the whole point I was trying to make is that not all religions out there are ad hoc hypothesis that someone just pulls out of their ass.
  3. The definitions of hypothesis and theory in a scientific context have very clear, disambiguous meanings. It is not really subject to debate. There is no confusion among the scientifically literate about what constitues a theory. I think what is going on is that you are just simply not understanding that most of science isn't opinion. Aristotle was wrong on quite a bit of things, so I have no reason to follow any of his advice on scientific matters.
  4. Wait, that's a false dilemma. Since when exactly did neutrality mean that it doesn't exclude anything. And since when did atheism become not neutral, all atheism means is lack of belief in a deity. And/or not acknowledging the existence of one, which is exactly what science does. In that since it is atheistic (albeit very weakly so...). I understand that there are some assholes out there who like to think otherwise, but there really is nothing in science that prevents you from continuing to have faith in one. Spoken like a true theist. To the complete exclusion of all other
  5. Hey! Not all of voodoo is a complete crock. Have you not heard of Clairvius Narcisse, the man who was raised from the dead... It is certainly much more testable than Yahweh...
  6. I have a friend who lives in France, and he says that under their system you are paying for somebody to be a couch potato.
  7. Ok, I'll give you that one. They didn't use industrial waste back then. Neither were there the wastes of tens to hundreds of millions of people to deal with. There's quite a bit more waste in sewage now than just human and animal. I'm not surprised they would be self cleaning, there were no dedicated water treatment plants back then either, it all just went down stream. The Romans didn't even bother putting that underground, it just went parallel with the local roads until it found a stream or a pit. I can only imagine the types of diseases that they had to endure, since there was no
  8. But that is something, isn't it? Which negates the notion that nothingness exists. HA! I win!
  9. Same reason we have faith in megamillion dollar computer models simulating economic change. They work within reason. Sure, something unexpected can happen, but how likely is it? Climate models have a far smaller margin of error than economic models, and work on completely different principles. WTF??? I see that you didn't read any of the links? Yes they are. If "the Earth's temperature will rise" is not a solid enough answer, then what is? You seem to be the kind of person who will only agree with things they want to hear, not necessarily the science
  10. Depends on which source you look at. As far as I'm aware, the Egyptians knew that the ratio between the circumference and the radius was about 3, but they did not have the tools or the logic necessary to actually get the exact value. The first few digits were discovered by the Greeks. What???? Are you really that serious???? They were not at all superior to modern times, especially at the scale that we do things at. And you do really want our sewers to be self cleaning, a lot has changed in our waste since ancient times. Only 100,000 people? The Romans and the Chinese
  11. The Earth also attracts the sun toward it as well. As others have noted it's tangential velocity keeps them from crashing into each other.
  12. So you do admit, then, that this is a feature that is rolled out in every society that has ever existed. Which contradicts your statement in that it really isn't a socialist concept. Ok, yes, socialists have redistribution of wealth as part of their backbone, but it isn't restricted to the left wing. But again, what exactly is wrong with redistribution of wealth? Or better yet, why should I let you keep everything to yourself and not contribute anything to society? The bottom line is that they are going to take your money, even if they have to pry it out of your dead hands. The only c
  13. Here's one from NASA: http://neo.jpl.nasa.gov/risk/a99942.html The probability of impact is actually a bit lower than 1 in 45,000. In any case, it is not a civilization destroying asteroid, at most it might just cause a longer winter or destroy a city.
  14. You can be "undecided" as your political alignment. And yes, during elections you can vote for whoever you want.
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