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  1. Originally Posted by DrP Thanks! Sorry if I cannot give you the full details for reasons that are circumstancial, but I can explain some of it. Basically I got the idea from tesla's well known invention that is still very much in use today-the alternating current generator. As you may know how wind mills and hydro-electric plants work, so this is in transparence to that principle, except I improved a little bit on that and it was like the power input is about 10-30% of the total power output and depending on how many ac generators you'll use you could have unlimited electrical power supply! Trust me, it works, do not trust the patent office and the government or the "people" who control the government, you'll just get frustrated. Anyways I plan to use my invention in my own house, that'll save me the electric bill, screw the people who would reject my offer! The only sad thing is that I am very much concern about our environment and the whole breaking down of the ozone layer and all that, not to mention the potential that we could finally rid ourselves of unreliable energy supplies and take a step forward in our technology. I did some readings on how the mechanics of transportations works and I said to my self oh my God! we could use my machine on cars,trains,boats, and even aircrafts! We will replace forever powerplants and they won't need fuel to power them, our satellites won't need solar panels anymore! If somehow we could convert electrical energy into the equivalent of rocket boost or something like that then WALAH!!!!! We would have all the fuel we'll ever need in a million years of space travel! If you can see my vision then you would understand my frustrations. And I just found out lately that I was not the first one to discover this technology, there have been others before me who like Nikola Tesla ended up frustrated because of GREED! If you don't believe me then try to ask Dr. Adam Trombly of the Project Earth organization, he would be one of the pioneers of this technology, but look at him now, he was reduced to a loon by mainstream science/scientists. I personally do not know him nor did we ever met, but I've read some of his articles and you could just sense in him like a trap being wants to break free from an invisible cage that seem to enclose him. History as it seems will repeat itself, if world war 3 is a possibility and most of the civilizations are anihalated, then I'll be one of the few who'll have the technology and survive. Maybe then I'll say to those corrupt, power-hungry idiots "I told you so!":-p
  2. I've made some inventions here myself, and based on calculations and actual tests it worked! But when I got to the Science Department of our local government I was warned off not to name any of my inventions with 'perpetual' on it or else I will be automatically denied rights for the patents. It was so frustrating that I have spent so much time, money, and effort just to be let down. To this day my perpetual motion machines and concepts are stuck in my basement, apparently some powerful people don't want machines like that in an open market ever since Nikola Tesla. I followed his works and to my surprise some of his inventions actually worked. I am no scientist, but am a very much fan of it and for the "benefit of all mankind" stuff, you would be surprised too if you knew how simple the concept and design for a perpetual motion machine, if you should delve into this matter, then I suggest you follow in Tesla's works. Before business people harnessed the waters so that they could pack it neatly and sell it to the public at a certain costs, now they're deliberately polluting the air so that they could buy off some scientists invention to clean the air and again pack it neatly with a corporate name and a price tag! Tesla knew about perpetual motion and it's varied applications, but business people won't allow it because there is no profit in it except for "the benefit of all mankind". The next statement is yours......
  3. Originally posted by Moontanman Ok so 10,000 years ago the early humans were CAVEMEN and did not know mathematics, engineering, and other stuff that could be considered as ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY perse'. Then about 3-4000 years later they built cities, ziggurats, towers, learned math, sciences, medecine, mold bricks, extract metals from the earth and other stuff that so absurdly they weren't ready for. HOW ON EARTH DID THEY ACCOMPLISHED SO MANY ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY IN A VERY SHORT SPAN OF TIME?????????? Please give me detailed explanation, because you claim that they are geniuses!
  4. Originally Posted by mooeypoo So how do you explain the stone slabs weighing at least 5-10 tons placed above 2 stone slab pillars at least a height of 20-30 feet above the ground at stonehenge. There were no cranes back then, I absolutely don't doubt that our ancestors were great engineers and thinkers, but this seems too complicated for their time. Also this HEAVY stone blocks are perfectly placed so that the would mirror the heavens, like summer and winter solstice and star maps and constellations. How could they have achieved this feat? How about Zecharia Sitchin's explanation why we kill each other for GOLD. Basically gold is much like any other metal, from its extraction to its production, the only good it does is for decorations, good electrical conductor and as a good shield from harmful radiation. Or did I miss anything? Why do we put so much value on such a piece of dirt for as far as history can remember? No other culture in the world gives light on this subject except for the sumerians. Why did we lose 2 chromosomes apart from primates when we should've been more evolved than them? It should be the other way around. How did we evolve so advanced in such a short time? According to scientific calculations it should have been another 10 million years or so before we could reach this level of civilization. Why is it that the first advanced civilization is THE MOST ADVANCED than all the other civilizations that followed it?(Sumeria) Don't you think this is quite perplexing? There are more questions than answers, I should give these authors recognition for their work done on this subject.
  5. Has anyone heard of Zachariah Sitchin, Lloyd Pye, or Eric Von Danniken? Their explanations seemed plausible.
  6. so that movie was just a bunch of crap about hydorgen? sheesh! Thanks for enlightening me though. I think this is a cool place to learn more about science stuff.
  7. hi I have a question regarding the properties of hydrogen gas. If I got a bucket or a water tank full of pure hydrogen gas and had a heating material, say capable of producing heat up to 2 or 3000 degrees celcius would it explode like that in the movie Chain Reaction? I've always wondered if the idea of the movie was based on actual science or just an exaggeration of the facts.
  8. I'm often interested in science and its applications, so I thought I'd join this forum for fun and learning. I hope to learn more from the friendly intelligent people here...thanks a lot!
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