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  1. Flashman


    Not I, I started a savings account with the ambition of becoming merely eccentric.
  2. Flashman


    IMO, the problem is that capitalism is a headless monster, it does eventually learn from it's mistakes, but who wants to sit by and watch while it discovers burning up the planet or killing a couple of billion people isn't good business practice? So you have to keep it on a leash and give it a good yank when it's about to mindlessly trample something.
  3. Just wondering, do you have a link to the webpage of that guy who's using the volvo parts to make alternators? I haven't been able to re-find it after seeing it a while ago. It sounds like your vertical axis rotor is like something I keep wanting to try, I figure that the walls of my house kind of act like a collector for stray breezes and a savonius rotor at a corner may be more effective than having a free standing one. I was hoping to get something like 500W out of something about 12' high by 2' diameter though.
  4. Flashman


    In the language of the superintelligent being Station from Bill and Ted's bogus journey, that means ummm ... a thing that gets used when two women love each other very much... though you may have missed a slight inflection and meant "station" which is a genus of molluscs.
  5. Flashman


    A wise man once told me... "Station marclar smurfing marclar smurfs"
  6. Like this.. http://www.webcams.travel/google-earth/ this http://www.butterfat.net/goocam/ this http://www.cammap.net/ or this? http://www.pleasantweather.com/wx3/cam_map.php
  7. Ah, yes that way works temporarily as long as it has hydrogen bubbles still attached to the electrode. If you knock the electrode while reconfiguring the wires or something, or have an electrode shape that the bubbles don't like to cling to, or kick the bench it's on or something, you'll have issues.
  8. The hydrogen rises to the surface of the electrolyte, there needs to be some means of reintroducing it at the electrode.
  9. It's to do with the gravitation differential. The earth does not block the moons gravity, therefore on the opposite side of the earth to where the moon is, the moon "under your feet" is adding to the earth's gravity at that point. This makes an area of higher gravity, and water runs "down" the gravitational gradient to seek equilibrium. Then on the moon side, it's not so much that the moon is pulling the water, it's that the gravitational center of the earth moon system is displaced toward that side, making the area below the moon, the "lowest" point wrt to the center of gravity of the system, and again the water runs down the gravity gradient towards it. At least that's how I understand it.
  10. This smells like homework, what are your thoughts?
  11. What??? That violates the PEZ exclusion principle that states that PEZ may only be obtained during the months of May, June, July and August.
  12. And you could run up walls like a gecko.
  13. I don't really have a good plan yet, it's likely that it will be a dual or multiple stream process with more than one reaction vessel. Might even need some funky engineering like a centrifugal vortex gas separator to get H2 rich gas out of the output stream to use in a thermal depolymerisation reaction to break up tars, which might also be able to provide a methane rich stream for conversion to methanol.
  14. My favorite prospect for "liquid wood" gasoline replacement is a blend of methanol and turpentines. Though you can probably further process pyrolysis oil into lighter fractions by cracking it. Sometime I'm going to look into making a wood fueled gas convertor that works as a turpene and methanol distiller at the same time. So what happens is, you can start the car at the same time as you fire the converter on stored liquid fuel, drive 15 mins, then switch to converter gas output, drive on convertor gas output, and meanwhile it's distilling off methanol and turpenes for the next start. It would be nice if you could implement electronic control and fuel handling such that it's pretty much transparent in use. You can theoretically get this working on any organic materials, grass clippings, rags, old tires, etc.
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