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Why titles? I'm a Meson. I'm a Baryon.

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  • 7 months later...
I feel insulted that anyone assumes I'm gunna want to post more to get a "higher" name.
You mean, you misinterpreted our intent and assumed it was done in a condescending manner just to insult you? Color me surprised.


Crusader has posted (he says) 13 000 times. That means... what?
It means he's lying. Which means he's totally the kind of person who is motivated to get a "higher" name. See there? We didn't do it for you.
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Kinda adds to the legitimacy of and establishment of the person making the post though.


If I had 4 posts and told you this, you could disregard it.

Since I have over 3,000, you should realize that I might just have a clue when sharing something.



Or, I could listen to you, who joined five minutes ago, and just agree that it's "kinda dumb." :rolleyes:

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We need new title.


I'm Linux.


You must have at least obtained one more post than YT from after a one year duration of his username conception on scienceforums.net to obtain or turn on this status. Otherwise, you must have over 1000 posts in the computer board within a year. And all must be relevant to computer science, and only an administrator or moderator or Bascule can give you this title. Perhaps the one more than YT should allow you to say "I'm a Mac."


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