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For valentine's day...


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- boy: i love you

-girl: i love you too!

-boy: ok my manager is like looking at me so

yeah.... i gotta go.

-girl: ok bye



2 hours later... the boy drives to his girlfriends



boy walks up to the door and rings bell


-girl: hey! (gives a kiss to her boyfriend)

-boy:wassup... you ready?

-girl:um... wait... let me get my bag and we could go ok?

-boy :-( k


they both watched a movie and ate dinner....

once they were done eating they headed back to

the car but before she got into the car...


-boy:wait! can i blind fold you?

-girl: why??!

-boy:its a suprise

-girl: what kind of suprise?

-boy: a big one

-girl: okay but only if you promise me that you

will hold my hand while you're driving.

-boy: i promise.

-girl: ok blind fold me...


so they drove off........... and then they stoped.


-boy :-( k we're here!

-girl: where?

-boy:wait let me walk you to the place!

-girl: what place?

-boy: somewhere! (and gives a kiss to her on

the lips)

-girl: babe!...


the boy walks her to the place


-boy: ok.... let me take the blind fold off you

-girl: where are we?


he takes it off her and she opens her eyes and

sees the view of the city and at that same


thats where he first asked her to be his



-girl: omg.... (tears come down)

-boy: why are you crying?

-girl: this is where you first asked me out...

-boy: what are you doing the rest of your life?

-girl: (tears come down faster)

-boy: i wasnt at work when you called me... i

was planning this whole thing!

-girl: what thing?

-girl: (kisses him)

-boy: look down the cliff..

-girl: ok..omg..theres alot of pointy rocks

-boy:yea, there is..(pushes her off)

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reminds me of the time i tried to make a zipline from my firends 25 ft high treehouse.....we had used cheap rope and my friends went before me and it worked....until i got on it and as soon as iput my weight on it it snapped and i landed on my ass


needless to say it didnt work:-p

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It wasn't brilliantly hilarious, but it was quite funny. Makes me

appreciate that my own didn't kill me when he took me out to the desert for a mountaintop dinner last night.


Was there supposed to be a joke there? or some humor?


Hey I got a joke.


There were poeple walking and some were going to school and there was this guy selling hot dogs. Oh and someone got hit by a car ha ha ha .



You have a very poorly developed sense of humor :P Next time try to make the death related to the hotdog in some way, then it'll be funny. Lighten up, enjoy the twisted irony.
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I'm a missing something...Bluenoise didn't connect the car crash with anything because he was being incredibly dry, which was a lot funnier than the OP IMO.


I'm with Bluenoise to be honest, I thought the OP was lame...sorry.

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