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"Contact", The movie.


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I disliked the ending very much. So much, in fact, I have (and will) never seen it again.

I was talking about this movie to one of my more nerdy friends. He was practically raving about how ingenious it was, and I was just like "I didn't get it". He explained it to me, like why the alien was her father, etc. I was like, "ok, but it still sucked". IDK, the book may have been good, but I just didn't get much out of the movie. For all the hype, I have to admit I was severely disappointed.

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The book is definitely better, but Jodie Foster did a great job in the movie.

"Cosmos", and James Burke's "Connections", are the two books that hooked me on science.
James Burke ROCKS! He makes history enjoyable as well as mixing in the best bits of science. Carl Sagan is good as well but I really like Burke's style. The Day the Universe Changed was, for me, like Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure was for others; it made me connect to history in a way no other teacher or text ever had.
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